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Former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi was hospitalized with a heart attack and claimed to be in good health.

Italian local health officials are not acting as prime minister and are proposing to remove them immediately

by YCPress

November 8th. According to Euronet, the European Union News Agency reported that on the 6th local time, the health commissioner of the regional government in Calabria, Italy, in charge of anti-pandemic work, said that he did not know the region. What specific plans and programs does the government have for pandemic prevention? When a reporter asked questions about the pandemic data, he was unable to answer the specific numbers accurately, and he was not even clear about how many intensive care beds were in the regional health system for which he was responsible.

Italian Prime Minister Conte called on social media platforms in the early hours of the 7th local time and suggested that the regional government immediately replace health officials who have not done anything to fight the pandemic. This is the first time that Italy has directly intervened in the appointment and removal of personnel in a regional government for the first time in many years. It is also the first highest-ranking government health official to be removed from the national health system since the outbreak.

Italy’s Regional and Autonomous Region Affairs Minister Bocia said in response to the inaction of local government health officials in fighting the pandemic, health officials shoulder the important responsibility of protecting the health and safety of citizens, coordinating anti-pandemic resources and directing specific anti-pandemic work. You must perform your duties conscientiously at work.

Boca pointed out that Coronavirus pandemic is endangering the health and safety of the people and severely hitting the country’s economic construction and development. In the current state of emergency for public health and safety in the country, he suggested that the regional government and parliament should not laissez-faire and tolerate health officials who are dereliction of duty and inaction, and must be dealt with seriously.

On the evening of the 7th local time, the Calabria regional government immediately responded through a press conference on Prime Minister Conte’s proposal to remove the health commissioner. A spokesman for the regional government stated that Coticelli had submitted his resignation to the regional chairman. With the approval of the regional council by the acting chairman of the regional government, Spiri has officially appointed Zucatelli to replace the regional government health commissioner.