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Italian health officials: “Pandemic fatigue” is weakening pandemic prevention measures

by YCPress

January 5 According to the European Union News Agency quoted by the European Network, the Italian Ministry of Civil Defense announced 10,800 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus and 348 deaths on the 4th.

Italian health officials say that the phenomenon of “pandemic fatigue” is weakening pandemic prevention measures.

According to reports, as of 18:00 on the 4th, Italy had more than 2.166 million confirmed cases, 75,000 deaths and more than 1.52 million cured cases.

D’Amato, a health official of Lazio Region, said at a pandemic briefing on the 4th that the recent new patient data focuses on people’s wrong behavior during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Shopping before the festival and holiday parties will keep the pandemic data going up in the next few days.

Walter Ricciardi, scientific adviser to the Italian Ministry of Health and director of the National Institute of Advanced Health, said that pandemic data show that although the highest level of pandemic prevention measures are still being implemented, many gatherings continue to occur due to the widespread “pandemic fatigue” of the people.

Sheng, which led to a great discount in the implementation of pandemic prevention measures and decrees.

Richarddi pointed out that at present, a self-statement alone can no longer stop people from going out and traveling across regions at will, let alone the further spread and spread of the virus.

The current phenomenon of “pandemic fatigue” is constantly weakening pandemic prevention measures, resulting in the continuous rise of new confirmed cases.

If we can’t overcome the “pandemic fatigue” and implement more effective means and measures for pandemic prevention and control, the third wave of the pandemic is likely to come within two weeks.