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Israeli Space Godfather: Aliens are coming, Americans know

Israeli Space Godfather: Aliens are coming, Americans know

by YCPress

Recently, Haim Eshed, a heavyweight of Israel’s former “space security program”, revealed that the U.S. government has been “dealing” with aliens, and Trump not only knows about it, but also almost leaks.

In an interview with Israel’s News on December 8, Ash claimed that aliens are very close to human beings.

They have secretly come to Earth and signed a cooperation agreement with the U.S. government, including the establishment of a base on Mars, American astronauts and alien generation. The table carried out experiments there to jointly study the “structure of the universe”.

The alien in Esh’s mouth is called the “Galactic Federation” by him, and he said that Trump almost told it out after he knew about it.

Trump’s son once asked him if he would tell the truth about aliens before leaving office, and Trump replied, “I think about it.”

But the “Galactic Federation” prevented Trump from doing so. Because they worry that if Trump publishes this news to the public, it will cause “massive panic” of mankind. Trump has not responded to this statement at present.

In addition, Ash also said that aliens have been observing human beings for decades. Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are witnessed every year around the world, which is actually the footprints of aliens visiting the earth.

Aliens are waiting for humans to evolve to a more mature stage, and then help humans truly understand the universe and higher civilizations.

(Heim Esh)

The 87-year-old Ash is very prestigious in the field of space science and is known by Israelis as the “father of satellite research in Israel”.

He is a professor of aerospace, a veteran pilot and flight instructor, a member of the American Aerospace Research Institute, and co-founder of the Israel Space Agency and the Space Research Institute.

Ash served as the head of Israel’s space security program from 1981 to 2010 for 30 years and won three “Israel Security Awards”, two of which were for the invention of confidential technology.

After Ash retired in 2011, it was reported that he had been studying aliens at home.

As for why he chose to reveal this information now, Ash explained that the academic environment has changed a lot and there are many new ideas about aliens.

“If I made this statement five years ago, I might have been sent to the hospital. Now times have changed, and people talk about different topics.

I have received degrees and awards, and I am also respected in the academic world. I have any honors, and I have nothing to lose.

However, according to Jewish News Agency speculation, 87-year-old Ash may be insane, because his new book, “A Universe Beyond the Horizon – A Conversation with Professor Haim Esh”, which was just published in November, is “one last shot” to sell books.

According to the Jewish News Agency, 87-year-old Ash has been eager to wear Hawaiian hula skirts and exchange his new books with aliens at the Mars base.

In his new book, Ash wrote that the cooperation agreement signed between the U.S. government and aliens also includes secret experiments at military bases in the 51st district of the United States.

Near Area 51 of the United States

Previously, many Americans speculated that aliens had “commises” with the government in Area 51.

Former U.S. Presidents Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama have all been asked by reporters about Area 51 aliens, and their answers are vague.

It is reported that Area 51 is a military base developed and piloted by the United States Air Force. Due to its high confidentiality and the presence of UFOs over the base on several occasions before, many people believe that the base contains aliens.

Bushman, an American space scientist who worked in Area 51, revealed during his lifetime that 18 aliens in Area 51 had already acquired American identity and helped the government to transform their high-tech into American weapons.

Bushman is showing images of aliens in Area 51

They are 1.3 to 1.5 meters tall, with slender fingers, webbed feet, huge skulls and eyes, some of whom are over 250 years old.

In addition, this year, the Pentagon also released a number of UFO videos taken by U.S. Navy fighter jets. In the video, the UFO hovered in the air and then accelerated to the point of untrackability.

At that time, some U.S. military experts said that if the content of the video was true, the ultra-high maneuverability of UFOs could not be achieved by Earth technology.

This statement seems to be the first time that the United States has admitted that alien species with advanced technology have visited Earth.