Home Politics Israeli airport under rocket threat! Several airlines have cancelled flights! Palestinian residents answer Israeli military phone: “Missiles are about to blow up your home”…
Israeli airport under rocket threat! Several airlines have cancelled flights! Palestinian residents answer Israeli military phone: "Missiles are about to blow up your home"...

Israeli airport under rocket threat! Several airlines have cancelled flights! Palestinian residents answer Israeli military phone: “Missiles are about to blow up your home”…

by YCPress

In recent days, serious clashes have broken out between Israeli and Palestinian forces in the Gaza Strip. According to The Russian satellite news agency quoted the Gaza Strip health department as saying on the 14th, “continued Israeli air strikes and shelling has killed 109 people on the Palestinian side, more than 600 injured.”

The Israeli military says militants in the Gaza Strip have fired nearly 2,000 rockets at the Israeli side so far, killing eight Israelis and wounding more than 100.

Hundreds of people have been killed in sustained Israeli attacks

An Israeli military spokesman said on the 13th that Israeli ground forces will participate in the attack on the Palestinian Gaza Strip. In this regard, Israeli sources said on the 14th, this is not a ground offensive, is the Israeli ground forces from the Israeli side of the border to Gaza. According to Agence France-Presse reported that the Israeli military on the 14th clarified that the Israeli army did not enter the Gaza Strip.

According to the Jerusalem Post, since the 10th, Israeli attacks on a large number of Palestinian Islamic resistance movement Hamas targets, 95 percent of the air strikes, including a number of senior Hamas commanders, including 60 people were killed.

Israeli media previously reported that Israeli infantry and armored units are massing on the Gaza Strip border, the Israeli army to assume the main task of ground combat in the southern military region has completed preparations. In addition, Israel urgently recruited 16,000 reservists to assist field forces in their operations. Eyewitnesses said, Israeli warplanes and tanks on the evening of the 13th local time to the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun and the town of Jabaliya launched air strikes and shelling, killing at least 11 people were killed and dozens injured.

In response to the Israeli attack, a spokesman for Hamas-affiliated Qassam Brigades said in a video released on the 13th that Hamas decided which Israeli city to hit “as easy as drinking water.”

The spokesman also said that there is no “red line” in Hamas’s response to Israel’s “aggression”and that there are no so-called “rules of engagement” or complex calculations. Hamas released another video the same day showing armed members preparing to launch a “suicide drone” attack on Israel.

Hamas also said thatthe “Kassam Brigades” 13 to Israel’s southernmost port city near Eilat Ramon airport direction fired 250 kg of heavy rockets.

Several airlines in Europe

Suspend flights to Israel

British Airways, Virgin Britain, Spanish airlines and Lufthansa have cancelled flights to Tel Aviv, Israel, as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to escalate, Reuters reported Wednesday.

BA said the safety of passengers and staff was a top priority and would continue to monitor the situation on the ground; Virgin said it was assessing whether to operate a flight to Tel Aviv on the evening of the 14th; Spanish Airlines had cancelled flights from Madrid to Tel Aviv on the 14th and returned on the 15th; and Lufthansa said it would suspend flights to Tel Aviv until the 14th.

The day before, several U.S. airlines, including United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, canceled flights to Tel Aviv.

Call Gaza residents with the military:

The missile is about to blow up your house

In recent days, Israel has launched intensive air strikes against the Gaza Strip, destroying several high-rise buildings, including some residential buildings.

On the 13th, local time, the owner of a five-story building in Gaza suddenly received a telephone call from the Israel Defense Forces, was informed that the building where he lived was about to be bombed, asked him to evacuate immediately.

IDF: Soon, your building will be bombed.
Palestinian Gaza City residents: Will they bomb the front or back of the building?
IDF: I don’t know.
Palestinian Gaza City Resident: We said there was a vacant space behind us, why did you blow up the house in front of you?
IDF: I understand that if all goes well, only this building will be bombed.
Palestinian Gaza City Residents: So the surrounding houses will not be affected?

Shortly after the building owner received a call and evacuated, the alarm sounded when the missile struck and an Israeli air strike hit his building.

Palestinian Gaza City Residents: We are residential buildings, what can be bombed? I asked the caller what was inside the building that they needed to hit, and he said he would call me when the bombing was over and tell me why, and I wanted to know why, it was all ordinary apartments and shops.

The owner did not receive another call about the bombing of the building, but the Israeli military later issued a statement saying there were “Hamas intelligence agencies” in the building.

After the air strike, residents and merchants in the original building shuttled through the rubble, searching for some useful items.

In the Gaza Strip, another residential building in the 13th air strikes were left in ruins, search and rescue workers are still searching for survivors.

Resident Khalid described the moment the air strike took place.

Khalid: We were sitting at home, I heard neighbors shouting, I went to the street and asked them what had happened, they said Israel threatened to attack the building next to them, and when I went back, as you can see, F-16s fired more than 20 rockets, razed it to the ground, and we had a family of eight, my mother, my brothers and sisters and my nieces, and we went from that room in the middle of the first floor to the open space outside.