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Several rockets fired from Gaza into Tel Aviv, Israel, killing at least one person

Israeli air strikes on Hamas military targets in the Gaza Strip

by YCPress

Jerusalem, January 18 The Israel Defense Forces issued a statement on the 18th that the Israeli army had bombed the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) military targets in the Gaza Strip early in the morning.

The statement said that two rockets flew from the Gaza Strip into Israel in the early hours of the same day and fell into an open area. 

In response, Israeli warplanes bombed Hamas military targets in the Gaza Strip, including a tunnel excavation site in the southern Gaza Strip.

According to Israeli media reports, the exchange of fire caused no casualties or damage to Israel.

At present, no organization or individual has claimed to have made rocket attacks, but the Israeli army stated that Hamas is responsible for all incidents in the Gaza Strip.

On December 29 last year, multiple armed factions in the Gaza Strip held their first joint military exercise code-named “Powerful Base”, conducted land and coastal operations, and demonstrated weapons and equipment such as rockets, short-range missiles, and drones. 

However, Israeli media reported that no rockets etc.

flew into Israel during the exercise, and the Israeli troops stationed outside the Gaza Strip did not respond to the exercise.

The Gaza Strip covers an area of ​​approximately 360 square kilometers.

After Hamas seized actual control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, Israel began to implement a complete blockade of the Gaza Strip, strictly controlling the entry and exit of people and materials. 

More than a decade of blockade has led to a continuous deterioration in the economic and livelihood conditions of the Gaza Strip.