Home Politics Israeli air strikes hit several media buildings in the Gaza Strip
Israeli air strikes hit several media buildings in the Gaza Strip

Israeli air strikes hit several media buildings in the Gaza Strip

by YCPress

Jerusalem, May 15 The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement on the 15th that afternoon, Israeli warplanes attacked a multi-storey building in the Gaza Strip. According to Israeli and Palestinian media reports, the building has the Associated Press, Al Jazeera and other news media branches.

The IDF said in a statement that the building contained “military assets” of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) intelligence services and a number of media offices. Jonathan Conrikus, an Israeli army spokesman, said the media was not the target of Israeli air strikes and that the building was a “legitimate military target.”

According to reports, the building is a 12-storey building, the same day was hit by three missiles. An hour before the air strike, Israeli forces had warned civilians inside the building to evacuate. So far, there have been no reports of casualties.

Gary Pruitt, president and chief executive of the Associated Press, said in a statement that he was shocked that Israeli forces targeted and destroyed the offices of media outlets such as the Associated Press in Gaza. The Israeli army has always known that the target was the offices of the Associated Press and other media outlets. White House press secretary Prasaki said on social media the same day, the United States has directly to the Israeli side, to ensure media security is its important responsibility.

Al Jazeera also issued a statement expressing its “strongest condemnation” of the Israeli air strikes and saying the Israeli government was responsible for its “deliberate” targeting of the media.

15, the Gaza Strip armed and Israel’s serious conflict continues, Israeli air strikes on a number of targets in the Gaza Strip, israel was hit by rockets from the Gaza Strip. Hamas said Israeli warplanes bombed a house in Gaza City’s Shati refugee camp in the early hours of the 15th, killing at least 10 civilians. Israel said that Hamas 15 afternoon to the central Israeli Tel Aviv area of intensive rocket fire, resulting in the death of a civilian.

Data released by the Israel Defense Forces and the Gaza Strip health department on the 15th showed that 10 days since the outbreak of serious clashes between Israeli and Gaza Strip armed forces has killed 10 People On The Israeli Side, 114 Injured, 139 People Were Killed And 1000 Injured On The Palestinian Side.