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A Cyprus police association issued a statement saying it would take decisive action before the threat came

Israel signs ‘No Isolation Travel Agreement for Vaccinated Persons’ with Cyprus

by YCPress

February 14th, local time, President Nicos Anastasiadis of Cyprus, who is visiting Israel, signed a “no quarantine travel agreement for vaccinated people” with Israeli President Ruven Rivlin.

Under the agreement, the two countries will recognize each other the COVID-19 vaccination document.

People who have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus can travel freely between the two countries without isolation.

The agreement will be implemented within one month.

The COVID-19 vaccination certificate, known as the “Green Pass,” is reported to be free for people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 to travel from one country to another.

President Rivlin said that the fight against COVID-19 is borderless, and we must work together to meet this challenge.

The signing of the agreement will set sail again between Israel and Cyprus, and he called for more countries to adopt “green passes”.

The President of Cyprus expressed his gratitude to Israel for its support for Cyprus during this difficult period. Data show that at least 10% of tourists to Cyprus every year come from Israel.

Israel and Greece reportedly announced a similar agreement last week, in which the two countries mutually recognized each other’s coronavirus vaccination documents.

In the near future, Israel is also preparing to sign similar agreements with Romania, Serbia, Georgia and Seychelles.