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Israel launches clinical trial of a Coronavirus vaccine

by YCPress

Jerusalem, November2 Israeli Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement on the 1st that the country launched a clinical trial of a Coronavirus vaccine on the same day.

According to Israeli media reports, two Israeli hospitals vaccinated two volunteers with a Coronavirus vaccine called “BriLife” developed by the Israeli Institute of Biology. The two hospitals will vaccinate 80 volunteers this month.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office stated that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visited the Haim Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan in central Israel on the same day to learn about the start of clinical trials of the Coronavirus vaccine. 

Netanyahu said that the real way to deal with the Coronavirus virus crisis lies in the development of vaccines. “This is a very important day and it is encouraging.”

Israel Coronavirus Vaccine

Israel Coronavirus Vaccine Netanyahu said on the same day that it had ordered the establishment of a permanent vaccine production company in the country, and the company is not for profit.

In June of this year, the Israel Institute of Biology announced the completion of animal experiments for the Coronavirus vaccine. 

Shmuel Shapira, the director of the institute, issued a statement a few days ago, stating that the Phase I clinical trial of the “BriLife” vaccine will start on November 1 and will last for about three weeks.

It will involve 80 volunteers aged 18 to 55. Will participate; Phase II clinical trials are expected to start in December and will recruit 960 volunteers over the age of 18; Phase III clinical trials are expected to start in April or May next year and will recruit 30,000 volunteers.

According to Coronavirus pandemic data released by the Israeli Ministry of Health on the 1st, there were 356 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the country, and a total of 314778 confirmed cases; 14 new deaths and a total of 2553 deaths; 1222 new cases were cured, and a total of 302463 cases were cured.