Home Politics Israel has attacked Syrian air defense forces, killing 1 dead and injuring 3 others
Syrian News Agency: Israeli air strikes on eastern Syria have killed dozens of people

Israel has attacked Syrian air defense forces, killing 1 dead and injuring 3 others

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Bloomberg quoted the Syrian State News Agency as saying on December 30 that Israel launched a missile attack on a Syrian air defense force on the outskirts of Damascus, the capital of Syria.

According to the report, one Syrian soldier was killed and three injured. The Syrian government has not yet issued an official statement on the incident.

According to the Russian satellite news agency, Aviv Kochavi, the chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces, revealed earlier this month that Israel has launched

Syrian military : Israeli air strikes kill 1 and 3 injured

Damascus, December 30 The Syrian military said on the 30th that Israel launched an air strike on a military target on the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus in the early morning of the same day, killing one Syrian side and injuring three others.

The Syrian News Agency quoted Syrian military sources as saying that at about 1.30 a.m. local time, the Israeli military launched a number of missiles from the northern Galilee region into Syrian territory, targeting a military stronghold on the outskirts of Damascus.

Syrian air defense systems intercepted and shot down several incoming missiles.

The Israeli air strike resulted in the death of one soldier, the injury of three others, and the destruction of facilities.

After the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, the Israeli army repeatedly attacked targets in Syria on the grounds of attacking Iranian military facilities

Both the Syrian and Iranian governments deny that Iran has troops in Syria