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Israel announced that it will send the country’s second astronaut into space

by YCPress

Jerusalem, November 16 The Israeli Government Information Office issued a statement on the 16th that the country’s President Rivlin announced on the same day that it will send the country’s second astronaut, Eitan Stib, in 2021. Sent into space.

The statement said that the 62-year-old former Israeli Air Force pilot Stibb will be sent into space at the end of 2021 and head to the International Space Station. During the approximately 200-hour space flight, he will conduct dozens of scientific and medical experiments designed by Israeli researchers.

Rivlin said at the press conference held that day: “This is a day of joy and pride for the whole country.” He also said that Israel must work with scientists from all over the world in the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The statement said that Stib’s space flight training will begin in the next few months, and the project will be completed by the Israeli government in cooperation with the country’s non-profit organization Ramon Foundation.

Ramon Foundation CEO Ran Livnay said at a press conference that day that this project will promote Israel’s innovation in the aerospace field, facilitate technological breakthroughs, and create opportunities for Israel’s economic growth and job creation.

In 2003, Israel’s first astronaut Ilan Ramon took off on the US space shuttle Columbia. The space shuttle disintegrated when it returned to Earth from the space station, and all seven astronauts including Ramon were killed.