Home Politics Israel and Palestine hit hard, the U.S. side of Xinjiang’s double mark was captured now!
Israel and Palestine hit hard, the U.S. side of Xinjiang's double mark was captured now!

Israel and Palestine hit hard, the U.S. side of Xinjiang’s double mark was captured now!

by YCPress

Since 10 May, Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip, in retaliation for attacks by the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas militants), have killed dozens of people, including several senior Hamas commanders. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweeted several words, but his unilateral pro-Israel tone sparked protests across the country

In a tweet, Blinken said he had spoken to Israel about the situation and called on all parties to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to ensure that it did not escalate. However, he tweeted that “Israel has the right to protect itself”, causing outrage among many netizens.

Information shows that since the declaration of Statehood in 1948, Israel, with the support of the United States and Britain and other countries continue to occupy the former Palestinian territories, resulting in the outbreak of five wars in the Middle East and neighboring countries, over the years the two sides continue to conflict, resulting in heavy civilian casualties.

Because the United States has long used the Israeli-Palestinian situation to intervene in the Middle East situation, and even sent troops to help Israel strike neighboring countries, so Blinken while calling for “the situation to cool down”, while saying that “Israel has the right to protect itself” was immediately denounced by all kinds of netizens.

Chen Weihua, the European bureau chief of China Daily, was pushed to the first place in the comments section: “America’s prejudices are exposed in this tweet.”

But just as Chinese media and diplomats speak every time, there are always a few re-reading machine-style bar-edged around the topic, thousands of miles raiding China’s Xinjiang problem, such as the following Swedish netizen while asking “You China shut down the ‘concentration camp’ in Xinjiang?” ” , while in the comments section for their own “surrounding the border to save the United States” feel complacent.

In response, another netizen, whose name is Lesotho and the Iranian flag, hit their “dead hole” directly, criticizing Blinken in the comments section: “This is the most shameless tweet you’ve ever had.” While saying that he supports Muslims in Xinjiang, he is hitting Muslims in the Middle East hard! This is the classic imperialist double mark, is the hypocrisy of Washington war-mongers! 

From several recent tweets by Mr. Blinken, he has tried to maintain apparent “impartiality” while he can’t help but give “allies” Israel a platform, leading to a “neutral” twist in his mouth.

So one netizen quoted a classic quote from the Nobel Peace Prize’s Desmond Tutu, accusing Blinken of being “pseudo-neutral” and breaking the essence of U.S. interference in his domestic politics: “When an elephant steps on a rat’s tail and says he’s ‘neutral’, the mouse doesn’t agree with that ‘neutrality’.” 

However, as Blinken spoke for Israel online, palestinian and Israeli supporters clashed outside the Israeli Consulate in New York on the evening of May 11, local time, with demonstrators from both sides pushing each other and order at the scene.

Don’t know what Blinken of anything to do about the growing conflict on his doorstep?