Home LifestyleHealth Is science politicized or continues?” The mask injunction” was blocked in the United States.
Is science politicized or continues?" The mask injunction" was blocked in the United States.

Is science politicized or continues?” The mask injunction” was blocked in the United States.

by YCPress

Since taking office as President of the United States, Biden has taken many measures to promote the implementation of epidemic prevention, but it has attracted many opposition.

On the one hand, officials at the top of the government are constantly trying to prevent the implementation of the “mask injunction”; on the other hand, there are still a large number of American people who strongly resist masks.

Public opinion believes that the phenomenon of scientific politicization in the United States continues, which greatly hinders Biden’s road to COVID-19 prevention and control.

In response to the Biden administration’s “100-day mask challenge”, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that from 00:00 on February 1, a “mask injunction” will be implemented in all public transportation sites across the United States, covering airports, railway stations, buses and taxis.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced on Sunday local time that it had given traffic management staff the power to expel passengers who refused to wear masks.

Still, there are plenty of voices against masks across the U.S. The Wisconsin state legislature plans to vote this week to try to overturn the state’s mask injunction.

Indiana also has a large number of lawmakers, expressing opposition to the “mask extension order” announced by the state recently and questioning the effectiveness of masks.

Florida and Georgia have even banned subordinate cities and counties from imposing “mask injunctions”. In addition, there are also a lot of American people who boycott masks.

Recently, one of the largest coronavirus testing centers in the United States, Dodge Stadium in Los Angeles County, California, gathered a group of anti-mask people to interfere with the vaccination process, causing the closure of the testing center.

On Sunday local time, anti-mask protests also took place in New York City and Kennewick, Washington. Participants believed that the epidemic was not as serious as the government claimed.

In response, many experts and scholars said that there is still a large number of people who oppose epidemic prevention measures as a policy guideline, indicating that political polarization in the United States is still widespread, and simple public health policies are interpreted as political symbols, which may greatly hinder Biden’s planned recovery path.