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Is it only the elderly people who died from Covid-19 ?

Is it only the elderly people who died from Covid-19 ?

by YCPress

Recently, a 76-year-old man in Italy was killed by Covid-19.

However, netizens all over the world, are currently mourning him.

Because he did something ordinary, but particularly touching.

According to Italian media reports, this old Italian named Gianni Bernardinello is the owner of a bakery in Milan’s Chinatown.

For the past 30 years, he has cooked more than 50 kinds of fragrant bread every day and sold them to people who came to fill their stomachs. .

After Coronavirus pandemic hit this year, Italy, as the first place in Europe to be hit by the epidemic, not only suffered heavy casualties, but also suffered a strong economic impact.

Therefore, in order to help the vulnerable people affected by the epidemic, the enthusiastic old Bernardinello took the initiative to place a basket in front of his shop, which was filled with bread, and a paragraph was written next to it, which read: “This is In order to help those in need, please take it yourself, but don’t forget the others.”

Not only that, according to the New York Times report, he will quickly disappear from the crowd after taking out the bread, so as not to create a psychological burden on those who need the bread but are afraid of embarrassment. A friend also revealed that although the old man Bernardinello said that the bread was left in the store, he once saw the old man put out the newly baked bread in this way.

Screenshot from a report in The New York Times

Therefore, when the elderly Bernardinello also contracted Coronavirus pandemic and lost his life not long ago, many local people were very sad and believed that such a good person should not leave like this. And when his story was disseminated by English-language media such as The New York Times, many moved Internet users around the world began to mourn him.

After all, under the turbulent epidemic, it is not the rich and powerful that are most affected, but the many ordinary people. Therefore, this ordinary baker and his ordinary acts of kindness, as well as his unfortunate death, will touch people in this way.

In addition, according to reports from the Italian media, this old man had a rich life before his death. In addition to doing a very good job in the toast business, he was also a fashion photographer, goldsmith, and own fountain pen. Patented, built and flew small airplanes, and even served as a deputy mayor in a small satellite city in Milan.

Screenshots from Italian media reports

Therefore, when some Western politicians arbitrarily said, “It’s only the elderly who die from Coronavirus pandemic, don’t be afraid” in order to downplay the severity of the epidemic. This is really for many people who are as kind and colorful as this Italian grandfather. The most vicious trampling of life.