Home Politics Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps held the “Great Prophet-15” military exercise
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps held the "Great Prophet-15" military exercise

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps held the “Great Prophet-15” military exercise

by YCPress

January 15th local time, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran held a “Great Prophet-15” military exercise in the central desert area of the country.

Iran’s domestic ballistic missiles, drone operations, etc.

have carried out combat missions.

Hussein Salami, Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran, and Hajizad, Commander of the Aerospace Force of the Revolutionary Guard Corps, attended the exercise.

â–³Picture from the website of the Revolutionary Guards

In the picture disclosed by Iranian state television, the Revolutionary Guard launched a number of large surface-to-surface ballistic missiles and displayed a number of domestic drones during the military exercise that day.

First, the offensive and bombardment drones crossed the missile guards that simulated the enemy and destroyed all targets.

Then the Revolutionary Guard launched the “zolfaghar”, “zelzal” and “dezful” ballistic missiles and destroyed enemy targets.

It is understood that these ballistic missiles have a range of 300-700 kilometers and are equipped with separable warheads, and have the ability to penetrate and destroy the enemy’s missile defense systems from high altitude.

Hajizad, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s aerospace force, said that the combination of missiles guided by artificial intelligence technology and drone operations has opened up a new mode of Iranian troops’ combat.

The commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards, Salamy, said that the military exercise was intended to reflect the determination of the Revolutionary Guards to defend national sovereignty.

It is understood that just half a month after 2021, the Iranian armed forces have held four military exercises.

The analysis suggests that intensive and large-scale exercises are aimed at responding to the recent intensification of the U.S.-Iran confrontation and the increasing tension in the Persian Gulf region.4