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Iran opposes more countries to join the Comprehensive Agreement on the Iranian Nuclear Issue

Iran’s foreign minister said that the United States needs to accept the “East shift” of world power

by YCPress

Foreign media: Iran’s foreign minister said that the United States needs to accept the “East shift” of world power

Reference News Network reported on November 20 that media said that Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said that Joe Biden, who was elected President of the United States, must accept the transfer of world political power “from west to east”, otherwise, his foreign policy is inevitable. failure.

According to a report on the US “Newsweek” website on November 18, Zarif accepted an interview with the country’s “Iran Daily” about Tehran’s plan to respond to the new US government and answered a series of questions.

When talking about the differences between the Trump administration and the other signatories of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (i.e., the Iranian Nuclear Agreement-Bennet’s Note), Zarif said: “During Biden’s tenure, the United States and Europe will naturally maintain more A rational relationship.” Biden has said that he hopes to rejoin the agreement that the Trump administration withdrew in 2018.

He said: “Biden’s success or failure on the international stage will depend on whether he tries to adapt himself and the United States to the shift of world power from west to east. This global development trend is accelerated by the outbreak of the new crown epidemic.”

According to the report, Zarif is referring to changes in the global balance of power.

Zarif said: “Any attempt to prevent this transfer of power is doomed to fail, and Biden’s predecessors have proven this.”

Regarding the “Joint Comprehensive Action Plan,” Zarif said: “If Biden seeks to return to the plan, he must fulfill the United States’ commitment to the agreement and lift sanctions.”

According to another report on the US “Newsweek” website on November 18, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif stated that one of the “most failed” foreign policy proposals in American political history should be blamed on President Trump.

reports during Trump’s presidency, US-Iranian relations have been tense from time to time. After Trump announced that the United States had withdrawn from the Iran nuclear agreement, the tension suddenly escalated.

reports, the Iranian government now hopes that the Biden administration will lift the sanctions, and the Biden administration is eager to resume the stalled “Joint Comprehensive Action Plan.”

Zarif said: “Trump’s withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and the’extreme pressure’ on Iran resulted in failure. This does not mean that we have benefited from this policy. It means that Trump has failed. Achieve the expected result.”

Zarif said: “Trump’s foreign policy is one of the most failed policies in American history. As a powerful country, the actions of the United States and its bullying force other countries to comply with the requirements of the United States.”