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Iran has called on the united states and europe to lift sanctions to ease the global energy crisis

Iran’s deputy foreign minister: Cautiously optimistic about the final outcome of the nuclear deal

by YCPress

On the evening of May 25, local time, the Joint Commission on the Iran Nuclear Agreement held a new round of meetings at the level of Political Director General in Vienna.

After the meeting, the head of the Iranian delegation, Deputy Foreign Minister Aragazi, said that many parties hope that the round of talks can reach a final outcome, the Iranian side believes that the parties in the previous rounds of negotiations have made great progress, but there are still some key issues that need to be discussed further.

Aragazi said that the 25th meeting of the Board of Supervisors is the first phase of the fifth round of talks, after which the three expert working groups responsible for the Iranian nuclear issue, the lifting of U.S. sanctions against Iran and the order of U.S.-Iranian compliance measures will continue to consult.

At this meeting, some progress had been made in the drafting of the text of the final agreement, with consensus on some of the remaining issues, but there were still differences on a number of key issues that required further discussion, and caution should remain on whether the parties would reach a final agreement. Iran hopes to reach a consensus as soon as possible, but the final result should be in line with Iran’s requirements and position.

In addition, Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency on verification and supervision work reached on the 22nd expired, the Iranian side announced on the 24th to extend the understanding for one month.

In response, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabbi 25, said iran’s Supreme National Security Council after investigation and assessment that the Iran nuclear agreement related parties to the Vienna talks are currently on the way forward, in order to show Iran’s goodwill and determination, agreed to extend the technical understanding for one month.

The constructive decision sends a clear message that Iran wants to conclude talks with the United States, the International Atomic Energy Agency and other parties to the Iran nuclear deal as soon as possible.