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Iranian officials: Intelligence has predicted the possibility and location of the assassination.

by YCPress

Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme Security Council, said in an interview with Iranian state television that the enemy had been trying to assassinate the nuclear physics scientist Fakrizad for 20 years, but had not succeeded before that.

This time, the intelligence service has predicted the possibility of assassination and the possible location, but due to the frequent occurrence of such news for 20 years, the lack of seriousness, so the enemy succeeded this time.

Later, he added that Iranian intelligence received news that the enemy would assassinate the scene of the crime and increased security protection. However, due to the complexity of the assassination, Fakrizad was unfortunately killed.

According to an Iranian official news agency, Iran’s official news agency, Iran’s government spokesman Ali Rabier said that spy agencies and terrorist organizations have been under Iranian surveillance, and relevant departments have also predicted the possible assassination site.

If security provisions were always observed and vigilant, this could have been prevented. Criminal behavior. After that, the security department will do its best to optimize the workflow to ensure that such a tragedy will not be repeated.

△Ali Rabbier, spokesman of the Iranian government

Farkrizad, a senior Iranian nuclear physics scientist, was assassinated in Tehran Province. Since then, Iran’s semi-official media Fars News Agency revealed relevant details, saying that the assassination weapon was a long-controlled automatic machine gun.

Sources said that the weapon was printed with the logo of Israeli military products, which were produced by Israel and controlled by satellites. People from all walks of life in Iran have condemned the terrorist act.

On 1 December, the Iranian Parliament passed the outline of the Anti-Sanctions Strategy Act to show the enemy that the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists and sanctions against Iran will pay a price.