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Trump may accept the election results, but will not admit defeat

Iranian leaders : The US election is too exciting, even more enjoyable than Hollywood blockbusters.

by YCPress

The U.S. election is as exciting as a Hollywood blockbuster, making melon-eaters all over the world hooked. Of course, Iran is also concerned about the US election. 

According to recent sources, Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei mocked the hostile atmosphere brought about by the U.S. Election Day, saying that the election exposed the reality of American democracy. Khamenei also tweeted: “What a wonder!”

It is understood that since the beginning of the general election, the two parties in the United States have been fighting for votes while accusing each other. First, the Trump team and Republicans accused the vote of fraud and demanded a recount. The Biden campaign then accused the current US President Trump of wanting to deny a large number of mailed votes in order to win re-election. 

At the same time, massive protests broke out across the United States. Even American allies are worried that the polarization of American politics will lead to a “trigger situation” after the election.

As a target of US suppression, Iran’s supreme leader is also following the US election. Khamenei made the above comments, obviously mocking the United States. You know, the United States is known as the beacon of global democracy and civilization. However, a pandemic and a general election have directly exposed that American democracy is “fake”. 

In the United States, the general public cannot elect the desired president at all. They can only be forced to exercise the right to vote. Whether it is Trump’s re-election or Bi’s coming to power, it is the ordinary people who suffer.

After Trump took office, he put pressure on Iran, trying to force Iran to succumb to hegemony. However, Iran insisted on resisting hegemony without any compromise. Not long ago, the United States also announced a new round of extreme pressure on Iran, and Iran’s domestic crisis is getting worse. Even so, the Iranian people still did not surrender.

As the supreme leader of Iran, Khamenei condemned the U.S. bullying while constantly encouraging the Iranian people to resist. The U.S. election has temporarily halted U.S. overseas operations, and Iran has also been cushioned.

However, after the new US president takes office, whether US-Iranian relations can be improved is still unknown. During Obama’s time, relations between the US and Iran were not as tense as they are today. Biden has served as Obama’s deputy, he has served as vice president, he may adopt a posture of relaxation.

At present, the US election has not settled yet. According to the latest data, Biden has taken the lead in Georgia, with nearly 1,000 votes more than Trump. Prior to this, Trump had lost votes in the two key states of Michigan and Wisconsin, and Trump’s re-election became a theoretical possibility. For Republicans, this is really a heavy blow. 

As far as Trump is concerned, if he cannot be re-elected, he may have to repay $1.1 billion in debt. Trump has already pledged all his assets. Re-election is his last hope. It now appears that his re-election dream is about to be broken.

The so-called self-inflicted crime cannot be lived. After Trump took office, he launched extreme pressure on countries such as Iran, Venezuela, and others, forcing countries to resent the United States.