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Iranian Foreign Ministry

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman: Iran has no intention of expelling IAEA inspectors

by YCPress

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Khatibzad said on the 25th that Iran has no intention of expelling International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors.

According to the Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency, Hatibzad said at a regular press conference on the same day that the bill previously passed by the Iranian Parliament is very clear that if the parties to the Comprehensive Agreement on the Nuclear Issue of Iran still fail to comply with the agreement within the time limit stipulated in the bill, Iran will suspend the implementation of the Additional Protocol to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

Verification activities related to the Additional Protocol will be suspended, but this does not mean that Iran will expel the inspectors. Iran’s cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency will not stop.

Khatibzad also said that the Iranian government will fully implement the bill passed by the parliament.

Now is the last chance for the relevant European countries to fulfill their obligations under the Iran nuclear agreement to maintain this agreement.” Iran will do the same as long as the parties to the agreement ‘correct’ their measures, such as stopping the production of enriched uranium enriched by 20%.

According to Iran’s Meher News Agency, Farahani, a member of the Presidency of the Iranian Parliament, said on the 9th of this month that if the sanctions against Iran in the fields of finance, banking and other fields are not lifted by February 21, Iran will expel IAEA inspectors in accordance with a parliamentary act.

The Iranian Parliament passed a bill in early December 2020, requiring the government to further break through the restrictions of the Iran nuclear agreement within a certain period of time without finding a “restriction” of sanctions against Iran.

Iranian government spokesman Rabbière said on the 4th of this month that Iran has begun to implement measures to increase enriched uranium enrichment to 20% at the Fordo nuclear facility.

In July 2015, Iran reached a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue with the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China and Germany.

According to the agreement, Iran promised to limit its nuclear program and the international community lifted sanctions against Iran. In May 2018, the U.S. government unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement, and then restarted and added a series of sanctions against Iran.

Since May 2019, Iran has gradually suspended the implementation of some of the terms of the agreement, but promised to take measures that are “reversible”.