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Iraqi Foreign Minister visits Iran to discuss regional situation and bilateral cooperation

Iranian Defense Minister: Ready to meet the needs of the Iraqi armed forces to strengthen their defense forces

by YCPress

14th and 15th November , Iraqi Defense Minister Juma Inad arrived in Tehran, the capital of Iran. During the two-day visit, Inad held meetings with Iranian Defense Minister Khatami, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Shamhani, Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Bagheri and many other senior military officials.

During the meeting between the two defense ministers, Iranian Defense Minister Khatami stated that the current situation in the Middle East is complex and sensitive, and the main reason is the interference of foreign forces. The actions of the United States and other countries show that they have a long-term plan for destabilizing the region.

The Iranian Ministry of Defense is ready to meet the needs of the Iraqi armed forces to strengthen their defense capabilities. He emphasized that Iraq is now safer than ever before and Iran is willing to participate in the reconstruction and development of Iraq. At the same time, he pointed out that Iran will continue to support the political process in Iraq, support Iraq’s security, stability and territorial integrity, and the two countries will continue to strengthen cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

During the meeting, Inad said that the primary goal of this trip is to strengthen the relationship between the two countries, while understanding Iran’s scientific and technological achievements, as well as its valuable experience in the field of defense, and working hard to strengthen the Iraqi armed forces’ efforts to combat regional terrorist forces through bilateral exchanges. ability. Inad emphasized that Iraq will not forget the help Iran has provided to defeat extremist organizations.

On the 15th, Inad met with Shamhani, secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, and Bagheri, chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces. Shamhani said that the defense and security cooperation between Iran and Iraq has ensured peace and stability in the region, and this cooperation relationship should be raised to a strategic level. 

He emphasized that the goal of the United States in the Middle East is to create disharmony and conflicts among countries in the region, and all countries should be vigilant against US conspiracies. Shamhani praised the Iraqi parliament’s resolution requesting the withdrawal of US troops. He said that one of the most important conditions for regional peace and stability is the withdrawal of US troops from the region.

In recent years, bilateral relations have continued to improve, and there has been a lot of cooperation in economic and trade exchanges and combating terrorism. Local analysis pointed out that the main purpose of the Iraqi Defense Minister’s visit was to strengthen the security of the two countries and deepen their military cooperation. 

In addition, on October 18 this year, the UN Security Council automatically lifted the arms embargo on Iran, and Iran may use this visit to promote arms trade between the two countries.