Home Politics Iran Leader: Iran’s U.S. Policy Will Not Change
Iran Leader: Iran’s U.S. Policy Will Not Change

Iran Leader: Iran’s U.S. Policy Will Not Change

by YCPress

Iranian Leader Khamenei emphasized in a speech that no matter who is elected the US president, Iran’s policy towards the United States will not change.

In his speech, Khamenei mentioned that the US regime is undergoing extreme decline and the so-called “American Empire” will not last long. 

The root cause of the US hostility to Iran is that Iran does not accept its oppressive policies and does not recognize its hegemonism. 

He added that the US’s hostility towards Iran will continue.

The only way to solve the problem is to let the US realize that it cannot cause serious harm to the Iranian people and government, and thus completely give up.

In addition, regarding the Naka conflict, Khamenei said that the war is a painful event. The conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia poses a threat to regional security and the two sides should end the conflict as soon as possible. 

He emphasized that Armenia should return its occupied Azerbaijani territory, and the safety of Armenians living in the area should also be protected. 

At the same time, Khamenei issued a warning that, according to reliable intelligence, some terrorists have entered the area, and Iran firmly does not allow any terrorists to approach its borders.

“If they approach Iranian territory, they will definitely receive a decisive response.”

According to local media reports, due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, the large-scale anti-US demonstrations originally held by the Iranian people on November 4th were temporarily cancelled this year.