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International Olympic Committee

Such a magical thing actually happened! International Olympic Committee issued warnings

by YCPress

International Olympic Committee

Such a magical thing actually happened! International Olympic Committee issued warnings

Such a magical thing is now truly happening in the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), an international sports organization with 192 countries (regions) members.

In Talat, a Thai, took over as the first vice chairman of the transitional chairmanship. 

However, Intalat’s appointment met with strong opposition from the United States and the United Kingdom. Rani replaced him. At this point, this “internal fighting” storm has temporarily come to an end.

However, during this period, the chaotic internal management and frequent replacement of the chairman, especially Papandria’s removal aroused the intense attention of

International Olympic Committee

and even rarely issued two consecutive warnings in less than a week, and will consider Reduce the number of weightlifting events in future Olympic competitions, even including expelling weightlifting from the 2024 Paris Olympics.

In December of this year, the project setup and quota allocation plan for the Paris Olympic Games will be determined. If the International Weightlifting Federation fails to hand in a feasible rectification answer sheet before then, the status of the weightlifting event in the Olympic Games will inevitably be affected.

“Internal Fighting”

In April of this year, after Agen, the former president of the International Federation of Sports from Hungary, resigned from his post on suspicion of corruption.

Papandria officially became the head of this international sports organization and began to reform the International Federation of Sports. And reconstruction, however, her attempts have never received enough support.

“I heard someone in the executive committee say,’We just have to say that we want to reform, but we don’t need to really reform’,” Papandria said. Many people in the executive committee have reformed her. “I want to establish an independent integrity committee. This is something that opponents cannot tolerate.”


The “opposers” that Papandria called were several members of the executive committee. 

The countries (regions) they represent all have terrible excitement. He was banned from participating in weightlifting competitions at the Tokyo Olympics or was significantly reduced. 

The two sides have serious differences in internal governance and Olympic qualifications, and it is not surprising that reform has stopped moving forward.

2024 Paris Olympics

The number of weightlifting events in the 2024 Paris Olympics may be reduced, and it may even be expelled from the Olympics.

However, the chaos of the IWF did not end with her stepping down. 

Due to its poor doping record, Thailand is one of the countries banned from participating in weightlifting competitions at the Tokyo Olympics. Intalat, from Thailand, met strong opposition from many parties after taking over.

The International Olympic Committee also expressed its views on the process of the new chairman. “Very worried.” Under heavy pressure, Talat took the initiative to resign less than two days later.

His successor, Irani, the British, said that he would not participate in the future election of the chairman of the IWF, and would focus all his energy on the governance and reform of the IWF.

IWF Executive Committee

On October 15, the IWF Executive Committee announced that the IWF Reform and Election Conference will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland or Istanbul, Turkey from March 24 to 27 next year. I hope that it will be back on track at that time.

A person’s shadow has been cast on an item for nearly half a century, so magical things happen in the world of weightlifting.

Before his official resignation in April this year, Tamas Agen served as Secretary-General and Chairman of the IWF for 24 years and 20 years.

For 44 years, the 81-year-old Hungarian was in the weightlifting world. The peak of power until the documentary was released.

In January of this year, the German ARD TV station broadcasted a documentary titled “Secret Medication-The King of Weightlifting”, which involved the IWF covering up athletes taking banned drugs and their own corruption.

Agen’s Influce is a cloud

Agen’s influence is a cloud that has been lingering in the weightlifting world for many years.

After the show was broadcast, it caused an uproar. Although Agen denied all allegations, he still had to formally resign in April. In June, an independent investigative team led by

Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren released an investigation report on the IWF.

Positive cases of doping and election bribery have been rampant in the last two presidential elections.

The wording of the report is shocking. 

This excessive control gave birth to a culture of terror and hindered The vitality and vitality that a sports organization should have,” the report said, “we have discovered systematic governance failures and corruption at the highest level of the IWF.

In fact, this culture of fear remains haunted even after Agen’s resignation. Don’t leave.”

Papandria Dimissed

Agen resigned was that the members of the executive committee.

including several vice-chairmen, did not dare to touch Agen’s interests, and let themselves take care of this. Mess. In today’s executive committee, many people, including Intalat, were previously

Agen’s staunch allies. In a sense, the “infighting” that is happening now within the

On the 15th, Illani, the chairman of the IWF Medical Committee from

Embody responsibility

“internal fighting” of the International Weightlifting Federation. At present, it will maintain a

neutral attitude and pay attention to the progress of the situation.

Weightlifting is China’s traditional advantage. The Chinese weightlifting team is the gold medalist in the Olympic Games and other world competitions. Therefore, weightlifting in China also needs a fair and just competition environment and a healthy and good project development trend.

Weightlifting is also a project that requires its own “practice of internal strength”.

Starting from the current internal governance of the IWF, China’s weightlifting should be

more integrated into the project’s worldwide governance system, and strive to ensure its healthy and healthy development. 

From another perspective, increasing one’s own voice in international individual sports

organizations can help oneself keep up with the international trend and prepare early when the project undergoes drastic changes.

At present, with the exception of Irani of the United Kingdom as the chairman

the Secretary-General and the 6 vice-chairmen of the IWF are not from China,

and the other 8 members of the Executive Committee and 5 representatives from various continent associations are not Chinese. Figure, this does not match the strength and status of China’s weightlifting on the field. 

In the course of the reform and development of weightlifting projects to the world

China’s weightlifting can consider more responsibilities under the right time and conditions.