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International Observation: “Qinwang Opera” is staged crazily

by YCPress

On the 6th, local time, a large number of Trump supporters violently broke into the Capitol and clashed with the police, causing the suspension of the joint meeting of the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives that were holding at that time to certify the results of the general election, shocking the international community.

In an interview with China News Service, many American experts said that behind the chaos is the tearing and polarization of contradictions in American society, and this farce symbolizes the disillusionment of the myth of the “democracy beacon” in the United States.

“Qinwang Drama” is staged crazily

Earlier, tens of thousands of Trump supporters rushed from states to Washington to participate in the so-called 6-day “King of Qin” demonstrations at his call and refused the election results.

Unexpectedly, on the 6th, the demonstration escalated into a violent attack, and the Capitol became a “battlefield”. Four people had been killed and many people were injured in the chaos.

According to U.S. media reports, demonstrators crossed the police roadblock, broke windows, and broke into the Capitol to fight with the police. Photos and videos at the scene showed that the office was looted and documents scattered all over the ground and chaotic.

More demonstrators sat in the office chair of Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi, posing their feet up on the table. Many members of Congress evacuated urgently through underground passages.

This “farce” shocked the international community. British Prime Minister Johnson called it “a shameful scene in the United States Congress”. Norwegian Prime Minister Solberg said it was “unbelievable” and said it was “a completely unacceptable attack on democracy”.

Czech Foreign Minister Petřicek said that the violence in the United States was “not a good example” for countries struggling for democracy.

“If the United States sees what the United States is doing to the United States, the United States will certainly invade the United States and liberate the United States from the hands of its tyranny.” Mohamed Safa, a Lebanese diplomat and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, commented on social media.

The tearing society behind emotional incitement

“Our Congress, the Constitution and even the country are facing unprecedented riots today.

What drives this uproar is the deliberate dissemination of misinformation about politics, distrust of the political system, and the confrontation between the American people.” In his statement on Congress’ protest against the riots, former U.S. President Clinton pointed out that the riots were a concentrated outbreak of political divisions in the United States for four years.

“The most direct and superficial reason for this conflict is that Trump personally incited his supporters to rally in Washington,” said Shen Yi, director of the Center for International Governance in Cyberspace at Fudan University.

Shen Yi believes that this may come from Trump’s businessman thinking: “How can you know it’s useless without trying until the last minute?” Trump used his prestige and influence among the people to encourage supporters to “arde” Washington. This lack of recognition of the election results is a manifestation of the tearing and polarization of contradictions in society as a whole.

Teng Jianqun, a researcher at the China Institute of International Studies, also pointed out that this is not only due to Trump’s own unyielding performance, but also not only a question of which political party, but also the result of a collection of contradictions in a society.

“Because of domestic political polarization, the United States is actually in a very unstable state.

Once there is a spark, it can ignite anger and cause out of control.

Su Xiaohui, deputy director of the Institute of International Strategic Studies of the China Academy of International Studies, analyzed that under the superposition of the severe epidemic and the impact of the economic recession, the emergence of chaos is not surprising.

The first day of the “post-American era”

“If the ‘post-American era’ has a starting date, it is almost certain that it is today.” Richard Haas, president of the American Institute of Foreign Affairs, wrote on his social media on the 6th.

Shen Yi explained: “The so-called ‘the first day of the post-American era’ refers to the myth of the American ‘democracy beacon’ completely destroyed in this conflict.”

Shen Yi said, “In the concept of democracy and peace that the United States has always advocated, an important point is that it is peaceful and safe, and does not affect the normal operation of the whole society.

Nowadays, the most symbolic ceremony of the supreme political transfer of power in the United States has been interrupted by popular rebellion, and the “democracy aura” of the United States has completely disappeared.

Shen Yi explained with the “broken window effect”, “This incident is like the first piece of glass to be broken.

Even if it is repaired later, there is a hole in it. Similarly, after the United States enters a normal state, in what way and in what way and in what face will it preach democracy and freedom to the world?

Teng Jianqun pointed out that the violence will not have a direct impact on the election itself, but in the long run, it will have an extremely negative impact on the soft power of the United States, including the constitutional government and democracy of the United States, which is a “frustdown of American democracy”.