Home Politics International Observation Putin Speech at the Valday annual meeting these three signals are worth paying attention to
International Observation Putin Speech at the Valday annual meeting these three signals are worth paying attention to

International Observation Putin Speech at the Valday annual meeting these three signals are worth paying attention to

by YCPress

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the annual meeting of the well-known Russian think tank Valdai International Debate Club in the form of video on the evening of the 22nd, expounding Russia on global issues, Russia-US relations, and the Naka conflict. The attitude of the party called for cooperation to resolve the crisis.

Analysts believe that in the current global situation facing multiple crises, Putin’s speech sends an important signal that Russia seeks to cooperate to resolve the crisis, but will not blindly compromise and let other countries dictate it. He hopes that some Western countries will recognize the situation and return to the international community. On the right track of cooperation.

Seek cooperation without confrontation

The annual meeting of the Valday International Debating Club is an important annual political exchange event between Russia and the international community. Putin usually makes a speech on the last day of the annual meeting. The speech is often regarded as an important basis for predicting the direction of Russia’s internal affairs and diplomacy in the future. This year’s annual meeting was held in Russia from the 20th to the 22nd. The theme was “Lessons from the epidemic and a new agenda: How to turn a global crisis into a peaceful opportunity.”

On May 6, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended a video conference at the presidential residence of the new Ogalyvo in Moscow. 

In his speeches and interactions, Putin elaborated on a series of current domestic and international hotspot issues, emphatically expressing Russia’s constructive attitude of seeking cooperation rather than confrontation.

Regarding the negotiations on the renewal of the “New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty” between Russia and the United States, Putin said that “Russia is ready to start from scratch, starting from the core part of the issue.” Russia is willing to negotiate in any form. In addition, he also expressed his willingness to cooperate with the United States on issues such as the Naqqa conflict and cyber security.

Tolkunov, Dean of the Moscow Institute of International Relations, believes that Putin elaborated on the Russian side when talking about hot issues and did not evade the details. Despite the contradictions with relevant parties, Russia is still committed to solving problems through peaceful negotiations. Cooperation is A red line runs through his speech.

Don’t allow other countries to interfere in internal affairs

Recently, some countries around Russia have experienced political turmoil, and Russia’s relations with Western countries have deteriorated again due to the poisoning of opposition leaders. Both the Russian official statement and the media pointed out that it is not difficult to find traces of foreign interference in the activities of the opposition.

In this speech, Putin said that any democracy is not achieved by “importing”, nor is it the product of “democratic export” by any foreign “good-hearted people.” The so-called “imported democracy” is just an empty shell and does not care about what the people really need. “Only citizens of the country have the right to decide what their common interests are.”

Putin believes that the goal pursued by these foreign forces is to shake Russia’s political situation and influence Russia’s internal and foreign policies.

Analysts pointed out that Putin’s speech sent a clear signal to some countries that are keen on “democracy export” that Russia will never allow foreign interference in its internal affairs, and “imported democracy” will not find the soil for survival in Russia.

Call for attention to global issues

In the three-hour speech and interaction, Putin mentioned many global issues such as the new crown epidemic and climate change. Analysts believe that the spread of the new crown epidemic has confirmed that global problems are the major challenges facing mankind. However, some Western countries are still keen to exaggerate the threats of other countries, engage in geopolitical games, and turn a blind eye to global issues. Putin’s move aims to call attention to the world. problem.

Putin said that Russia will objectively evaluate its own capabilities and potential, and while strengthening its national strength, it will pay attention to major international events and other countries’ trends. “I want to tell those who are still waiting for Russia to decline, I only worry about whether I will catch a cold u2018 (infected with the new crown virus) at your funeral.”

Regarding the issue of climate change, Putin said that global warming is a severe challenge for Russia and the world. No one hopes that the earth’s climate will gradually approach the scorched and lifeless Venus.