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International Current Review | The Truth Behind the Chaos–The “Waterloo” of American Anti-epidemic

by YCPress

New York, October 20. The number of new crown infections in the United States increased by more than 55,000 daily in October. Among them, it exceeded 70,000 on October 16, setting a new high since mid-July. The latest data shows that there are more than 8.2 million confirmed cases of the new crown in the United States and more than 220,000 deaths. The United States, which accounts for 4% of the world’s total population, has both confirmed and fatalities exceeding 20% ​​of the global total. It is no exaggeration for the American media to compare the American anti-epidemic to “Waterloo”.

The American anti-epidemic has been chaotic from the beginning: First, the domestically produced testing kits failed but refused to use the kits provided by the World Health Organization, wasting more than a month of golden testing and tracking time, and then fell into trouble due to weak federal government organizations. The resulting chaos caused by the extreme lack of protective materials and medical staff.

On October 16, in New York, the United States, a woman wearing a mask walked by a sign for wearing a mask in Macy’s. The latest statistics on the new crown epidemic released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States on the 16th showed that the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the United States exceeded 8 million. (

The recently staged documentary “Fully Controllable” directed by Oscar winner Alex Gibney and others, systematically sorted out a series of responses and measures of the U.S. government from the outbreak to the out-of-control, acrimonious and profound exposure of the government’s dereliction of duty. The film has gained 100% recognition on multiple film review websites, reflecting the public’s acceptance of its views. The September issue of The Atlantic Monthly published a long article entitled “How the epidemic broke the United States”, stating that “despite sufficient early warning, the United States has wasted every opportunity to control the epidemic.”

The biggest truth behind the American anti-epidemic “Waterloo” is that politics override science. In order to cover up their own mistakes in responding to the epidemic, politicians have “flipped the pot” externally and deceived internally. Scientists and professionals will be “refrigerated” or even “blocked” as long as they say unsatisfactory words. Rick Bright, the former director of the U.S. Agency for Advanced Research and Development of Biomedicine, was dismissed for opposing the use of hydroxychloroquine, which was pushed by the White House but not scientifically verified, for the treatment of new crown cases; Anthony Fauci, the outspoken White House medical adviser, has repeatedly To clarify the truth to the public, he was forced to stand aside and was even restricted from appearing in the media by the authorities.

Another truth behind the American anti-epidemic “Waterloo” is that political performance overrides life. In April and May, when the US epidemic control just picked up, the federal and many state governments, in order to avoid the economic downturn affecting their political performance, disregarded the opposition of experts to forcibly restart the economy. The negative result was the rapid rebound of the epidemic, and the number of diagnoses and deaths ranked first in the world.

The most absurd aspect behind the American anti-epidemic “Waterloo” is that the election takes precedence over the epidemic. Although experts have repeatedly warned that large-scale gatherings during the epidemic will lead to serious consequences, politicians still go their own way in order to win votes. Thousands of people’s election activities are held one after another, and many participants do not wear masks, making the election scene a virus A hotbed of spread. Some experts believe that large-scale election campaigns are one of the important reasons for the high number of epidemics in the United States.

With the advent of cold weather, the situation in the United States has become more severe. The latest model of the Institute of Health Measurement and Evaluation of the University of Washington predicts that according to current trends, the number of new crown deaths in the United States will approach 390,000 by February 1 next year. Behind the numbers are vivid lives. Fauci had hoped that these numbers would “awaken” the people. I hope that the American people can take necessary measures to protect themselves and their families and reduce the pain caused by the American anti-epidemic “Waterloo”.