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International Current Affairs Review Paper-filled ridiculous cold war has no market

by YCPress

New York, November 19th – The Policy Planning Office of the U.S. State Department recently released a report entitled Elements of China’s Challenge. In addition to smearing China’s lies and ideas, the report also seriously lists “ten tasks that must be done” against China.

This report is another anti-Chinese text fabricated by some American politicians, which fully exposes their deep-rooted Cold War thinking and ideological prejudices.

It is not difficult to find that this report is in line with the continuous smear of China by U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo for some time. It still plays with fabricating facts and sowing discord. It still sings unfounded and contradictory platitudes, and his hegemonic mentality is fully revealed.

The report is full of cold war thinking, ideologically underline, attacks China’s socialist development path, and falsely falsely claims that China is trying to “leare a socialist mark on the world order”. The fact is that China has always stressed that countries should take a development path that suits them. China has no intention to export ideology, let alone interfere in other countries’ internal affairs. On the contrary, the United States has stirred up trouble around the world to seize profits and launched a color revolution, causing people in many countries and regions into turmoil and disaster.

The report accuses China of trying to change the existing world order, which is even more of nothing. China’s development has made great contributions to the world economy. At the same time, Chinese leaders put forward the concept of “community of human destiny” and actively advocated and supported international cooperation in solving global issues such as climate change, the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, and regional imbalances in regional development. On the contrary, the United States, under the banner of “America First” and “America Exception”, is selfish and selfish in dealing with international relations and international issues, which has become the biggest obstacle to solving global problems.

It is worth noting that among the ten tasks listed in the report against China, the political term “containing China” is used very frankly to encourage confrontation and confrontation, which fully exposes the fear, anxiety and unhealthy mentality of some American politicians about China’s continuous development and growth, and their sinister intention to suppress China at all costs is obvious. If revealed.

The eyes of the world are bright. Once the report was released, it immediately attracted a lot of bad comments on the Internet. Some netizens pointedly pointedly: “This is just propaganda reflecting the naive views of the outgoing Secretary of State Pompeo” u2026u2026

Paper-filled absurdity, the cold war has no market. The current U.S. government has set many obstacles to the normal development of Sino-US relations, and now it is once again trying to attack and smear China and encourage the confrontation between the United States and China through this absurd report. Sima Zhao’s heart is obvious. But American politicians must understand that the right way to deal with Sino-US relations is cooperation, not confrontation. There is no market for outdated cold war thinking.