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Roadside bomb attack in eastern Afghanistan kills 4 people

International Current Affairs Review – Australian politicians hit a rake backwards, ridiculous!

by YCPress

Beijing, November 30 – Recently, news that Australian soldiers have brutalized local people in Afghanistan have been reported to media around the world, including Australian newspapers, and the investigation report released by the Australian Defence Force also confirms this atrocity.

However, after a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry forwarded a cartoon condemning the atrocities of the Australian army on his personal account on social media, Australian Prime Minister Morrison asked China to apologize, which was surprising.

It is unreasonable and ridiculous for their own soldiers to do evil in other countries without letting others say it, and even ask the people who condemn this cold crime to apologize.

One of the absurdities is that retelling the facts requires an apology. It is a hard fact that Australian soldiers have committed serious crimes in Afghanistan, but some people in China condemned it, but Australia believes that it has been offended.

What is the logic? In fact, the Australian army atrocities were confirmed by the Australian Defense Department investigation report, and the Australian Defence Force Commander Campbell held a special briefing to introduce the content of the report.

The details revealed in the report are shocking and creepy, including the combination of adult men and boys to shoot, or blindfolded throats; two 14-year-old boys cut their throats and put them into pockets and throw them into the river; some low-level soldiers were forced to shoot prisoners of war to gain “practice hands” experience is like this. What’s wrong with condemning, heinous and condemnation?

The second absurdity is that the whole world can condemn the Australian atrocities, but China can’t. The Australian military atrocities were reported by the Australian media themselves, and public opinion around the world was in an uproar.

Some Australian politicians, including Australian Governor David Hurley and former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, condemned the atrocity.

Comments such as the “most shameful page” in Australian military history have appeared in the newspapers.

The Australian government has never asked the media or the political community. People apologized. Now that Chinese people have raised this matter, Australia is furious, unforgiving, loudly demanding an apology, what’s the reason for this?!

On November 4, 2016, a boy injured in a NATO air strike is receiving treatment in Kunduz, Afghanistan. Xinhua News Agency/Europe New Chinese

In the final analysis, Australian politicians are so unreasonable that the root of their ideology is that double standards of arrogance. On the one hand, Australia and other Western countries often admit their own human rights stains, but often point fingers at other countries’ so-called “human rights issues”, reflecting their consistent arrogance.

On the other hand, even if they have stains, some people can say it, but if China says a few words, it will jump up immediately and mess around.

The life of the Afghan people is also life. What the Australian government should do is to reflect deeply and bring the murderers to justice and make a formal apology to the Afghan people, instead of a rake and demanding an apology from a third party who relayed the facts.