Home Politics International criticism of the anti-China farce of individual Western countries was snubbed at the United Nations
International criticism of the anti-China farce of individual Western countries was snubbed at the United Nations

International criticism of the anti-China farce of individual Western countries was snubbed at the United Nations

by YCPress

Even if the facts are repeatedly punched in the face, a few Western countries, such as the United States, are still undead. On the 12th, local time, they also released the so-called “big trick” – the United States, Britain and Germany together with individual countries and non-governmental organizations abused united Nations resources and platforms, held the so-called “China’s Xinjiang human rights situation side meeting.”

As with every botched anti-China performance, these American and Western countries spread lies and false information at the conference, throwing out again a hat called “genocide” and “forced labour” in an attempt to put them on China’s head. The meeting was full of anti-China political motives and attempts to control China. Individual Western countries, in order to seek political self-interest, have made the United Nations platform a show, staged a downright political farce. This act is a flagrant desecration of the Charter of the United Nations and has been resolutely resisted by the general membership.

But anyone who knows Xinjiang’s history knows that the essence of the border-related issue is counter-terrorism and de-radicalization, and is not a human rights issue hyped by a few Western countries. Of course, if human rights are to be talked about, then we might as well compare them.

Take the coronavirus pandemic prevention and control as an example. A spokesman for the Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations gave a set of figures: Xinjiang has a population of more than 25 million, a total of 980 confirmed cases, 977 cures and 3 deaths. Nearly 600,000 people died in the United States, more than 120,000 in the United Kingdom and more than 80,000 in Germany. What qualifications do the few Western countries, where even the right to life of their own people are difficult to guarantee, have the right to criticize the human rights situation in Xinjiang? It seems that they are faced with the reality of social stability and prosperity in Xinjiang, so they can only take this low-cost means of disinformation, in an attempt to curb China’s development.

Individual Western countries cannot represent the United Nations, let alone the international community.

At the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council this year, more than 80 countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, voiced their support for China’s position on border-related issues in different ways. During the recent meeting of foreign ministers of the five Central Asian countries, the Central Asian countries also firmly supported China in safeguarding its core interests and opposed interference in China’s internal affairs.

At present, on the issue of border-related issues, there are more and more international voices of objectivity and impartiality. For example, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Sweden and other countries, a number of media near the journal published articles, affirmed Xinjiang’s anti-terrorism achievements, punctured the United States and Western countries “to china” geopolitical conspiracy. The Swedish Foundation for Peace and the Future Research and the independent US website Fight Back published separate reports that made it clear that there was no evidence to suggest that Xinjiang was “forced labour” or “genocide”.

It is worth mentioning that the United States “fight back” website related to the article of two authors, one is a human rights expert, the other is a well-known professor of international law. They elaborated on the issues related to xinjiang from a professional point of view, and the views on them were well-founded and persuasive.

Recently, Danish scholar Oberg in an interview with CCTV, pointed out that the Western forces concocted the border-related report is entirely based on cold war thinking, in order to serve the United States domestic interest groups to China’s hard-line stance, in line with former Secretary of State Pompeo’s so-called “genocide” speech hastened to launch, and strive to systematically “demonize” China. This is another voice of justice from international scholars.

And lies always show horse feet. A so-called “genocide survivor” from Xinjiang, who appeared repeatedly on CNN and the BBC, was stripped of her Chinese passport just in time for her self-proclaimed “arrest” and was the only place in the CNN report where mosaics were played – why did CNN do that?

Whatever means the United States takes to round up a handful of Western countries, this lie-based political farce is bankrupt at the United Nations. If they do not converge, they will eventually become a political gambler in a state of panic and lose all credibility.