Home LifestyleHealth International criticism lies and anti-intellectual domination of epidemic prevention. The “man-made disaster” in the United States is getting worse and worse.
International criticism lies and anti-intellectual domination of epidemic prevention. The "man-made disaster" in the United States is getting worse and worse.

International criticism lies and anti-intellectual domination of epidemic prevention. The “man-made disaster” in the United States is getting worse and worse.

by YCPress

“I’m not going to whitewash the peace, we’re getting crushed!” Brad Spielberg, chief medical officer of the University of Southern California Medical Center, said sadly to the media recently.

According to CNN, the epidemic in California has grown explosively in the past week, the hospital capacity has reached the alert line, and the pressure on medical staff to work is close to the limit.

It’s not only California that almost collapses, but also the whole United States. ABC reported on the 19th that the past seven days have been the worst week since the outbreak of the epidemic in the United States, with an average of more than 210,000 new confirmed cases and more than 18,000 deaths reported every day.

In the face of such a human tragedy, those American politicians who have been lying for epidemic prevention for months cannot be shirking. Recently, the current affairs website “Political Facts” in the United States named “diluting and denying the COVID-19 epidemic” as the lie of the year in 2020, on the grounds that the worst lies are not only harmful, but also deadly!

The Washington Post published a swastika on the 19th entitled “Inside Story: How the refusal, mismanagement and strange ideas of American leaders led to the dark winter of the epidemic”, revealing one mistake after another made by the U.S. government over the past 10 months.

One detail mentioned in the article is very sad. As early as March this year, U.S. Department of Health officials Kadlek called the American cotton-padded giant to discuss producing enough masks from cotton cloth and sending them to all American families and requiring them to wear them.

However, the plan was suspended by Short, the chief of staff of Vice President Pence. Because in the eyes of Short and others, the judgment of decision-making is not how to mitigate the epidemic, but how to reduce the harm to core politicians. As a result, this decision caused the United States to miss “everyone wears masks”, and made “doubt masks” a ridiculous symbol of the U.S. government’s epidemic prevention.

Politicians are hostile to science, and the people suffer the most. Recently, a nurse in the United States posted the tragic scene of his son’s rescue in the hospital after his 13-year-old son died of complications caused by COVID-19.

The wall of the blood-filled intensive care unit is shocking. She hopes this picture will remind more Americans to take COVID-19 seriously.

However, the blood of the wall and the pain at the bottom never seem to touch the American leadership. What they have done most about epidemic prevention at present is to promote vaccines to solve everything.

However, as WHO Director-General Tedros Tedros said, even if the vaccine has been launched, people should adhere to epidemic prevention measures. This means that the sobering agent of consciousness may be more effective than vaccines.

But what the American leadership lacks most is the sober of consciousness. They are almost indifferent to the rapid spread of the virus, even to the point of breaking jars. Recently, American leaders and first ladies held a series of carefully designed traditional holiday parties at the White House.

Secretary of State Pompeo even insisted on holding a “party of 900 people” in the State Department building. As a result, he was absent from the event because he was quarantined after contact with a person who tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Everyone knows that every glass collision at the party is a potential super-spreading moment. The disregard and paralysis of the American leadership reflects the absurdity of the whole epidemic prevention work in the United States.

The Washington Post criticized that “the president has given up his responsibility to manage the public health crisis and instead, he will almost only use loudspeakers to spread false information.” Maryland Governor Larry Hogan lamented that “at the worst of the battle, the general disappeared in the battle.”

However, in sharp contrast, the current U.S. government is provoking confrontations to the outside world and frequently creating the focus of international public opinion.

On the one hand, there is nothing done in domestic epidemic prevention, and on the other hand, it spares no effort to do anything to do things outside the outside world, which further understands how cold-blooded the “political self-interest first” anti-epidemic law pursued by American politicians is!

For the American people, the real winter has not yet arrived. The University of Washington Institute of Health Metrics and Assessments estimates that more than 237,000 Americans will die from COVID-19 in the next three months.

This means that nearly two people will die from COVID-19 every minute. The critical situation is chilling! Are American politicians still indifferent? Is the life of the American people really like mustard in their eyes? Did they deliberately allow the epidemic to spread in order to obtain political capital?

How long this “man-made disaster” will last in the United States is unknown. But it is undoubtedly a great shame and sorrow for the only superpower in the world.