Home World India’s glacier broke and killed 14 people. Survivors saw their loved ones swallowed up by the flood.
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India’s glacier broke and killed 14 people. Survivors saw their loved ones swallowed up by the flood.

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February 8th – Comprehensive Indian ANI News Network and The Times of India reported on the 8th that after a glacier rupture in Uttarakhand, northern India, on the 7th, search and rescue personnel have found 14 bodies and 15 people have been rescued.

Police in the Chamory area said that rescue workers trapped in the tunnel near the Rihiganga hydropower project are still being rescued.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Ravat announced that he would subsidize the families of the victims.

The cause of the incident is under investigation, and the current focus is on disaster relief.

The survivors of the flood told the Indian media that most of the local villagers were carrying out daily activities at that time.

Singh, 42, said that a 70-year-old woman and her family were herding cattle a few meters away, and the flood mixed with gravel suddenly hit the village.

The old woman’s daughter-in-law and grandson heard the sound and escaped. She was left behind.” She stood helplessly, and we watched her be swallowed up by the flood. Singh recalled.

According to the report, many people in the upper reaches of the valley can only watch their relatives and friends washed away, while people in the lower reaches try to escape in panic, but the air there is already cloudy, and people have difficulty breathing, and they are forced to hide nearby and wait.

In addition, as most of the bridges near the local villages were washed away, many workers and families were trapped in the disaster area.

According to New Delhi TV, more than 170 people are still missing.

Because the flood seriously hindered local traffic, the local government had to evacuate the nearby residents first.

Disaster response forces have been dispatched in both the Indian state and Uttarakhand, and the Indian military has also sent several rescue teams.