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India’s crematoriums run day and night, and metal parts melt!

by YCPress

India added more than 200,000 new confirmed cases in a single day for six days, bringing the total number of new deaths on Monday to a record 1,761, bringing the total to 18,530.

In the past week alone, India has added 1.5 million confirmed cases. What kind of concept is this? Coronavirus pandemic has been going on for more than a year, with India accounting for 10 percent of the country’s total cases in the last week.

At a crematorium in the Indian state of Gujarat, gas and wood stoves began to melt because they took too long to run, CNN reported.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who had already scheduled his arrival next week, also cancelled his trip because the outbreak in India was too severe.

New Delhi, the capital, which has seen more than 20,000 new cases a day, announced a six-day blanket blockade from 10 p.m. on the 19th to prevent the collapse of the health system.

Previously, officials in New Delhi also said that one-third of those tested for nucleic acid in the area were positive. With fewer than 100 intensive care beds left in New Delhi, with a population of more than 20 million, oxygen supplies are far from keeping pace.

If it’s not intuitive enough to understand how terrible India’s hard-hit areas are right now, the knife sister will tell you about the scene again.

If you’re in New Delhi at the moment and you’re very unfortunately infected with Coronavirus, you’re going to the hospital by bus or tricycle. At the moment it’s hard to describe a hospital with overcrowding, you run several hospitals and take several buses, but they’re always rejected because there are no beds.

You see a glimmer of hope after a near-collapse, because eventually a hospital tells you they still have beds. You happily followed the nurse into the treatment area, and the sight before your eyes was a little scary: you saw two unrelated people lying on a bed, sharing the same ventilator, and there was a man in the hospital bed next to you who had just died because the rescue was ineffective, perhaps he had not been rescued at all, so his body was removed from bed by the nurse and thrown in the corridor at your feet.

At this time, the nurse told you, sorry, the hospital ran out of oxygen, special effects drug Redsievir still a little bit, but to give seriously ill patients, it is not your turn, you are going to treat here or go home for treatment?

This is a fabrication, but it is no exaggeration, and this is the collapse of india’s medical resources , with confirmed cases being used by public transport everywhere, hospitals without spare beds, desperately scarce breathing machines, oxygen and medical resources such as Redsiwe, and medical staff and patients on the verge of collapse.

You might ask, isn’t there a vaccine in India? Don’t they export so many vaccines? Where’s the vaccine?

Yes, yes, India once boasted of being a global vaccine hub and had ambitious plans for vaccine diplomacy, but it has been forced to suspend all vaccine exports because of the current outbreak at home. Even if exports stop, all production lines will be full of horsepower, but still can not stop the shortage of domestic vaccines.

India’s foreign minister has called U.S. Secretary of State John Blinking in the hope that the U.S. will lift a ban on the export of vaccine raw materials in the near future, the latest news said. But the U.S. says it needs to think about it.

Some Indian people complained to reporters that he ran a lot of hospitals can not get the vaccine, all vaccination points are either lined up, lined up by your time long ago, or the vaccination point completely closed, because there is no vaccine to fight. So he finally thought of a mistake, with their elderly parents, with the elderly to priority to fight the terms, finally Garce hit.

Alas, it’s pathetic to think of ordinary Indians. Now many of us are planning to travel on May Day to play, but many of them are facing a new round of the most stringent blockade. But how effective the blockade will be is hard to say, at least in this round of blockades, where religious sites remain open.

As you know, this outbreak is thought to have a direct relationship with the Jug Festival celebrations attended by hundreds of thousands or even millions of people.

At that time, 6.7 million people were soaked in the Ganges in one day, and of course they were not wearing masks. Looking at the news pictures at the time, it was shocking.

And there is a small episode, 17 evening, an Indian hospital in a group of 20 Coronavirus patients escaped, they had previously participated in the big pot festival.

Their escape was said to have been planned and may have been assisted by other local residents. And, 24 hours after their disappearance, Indian police have yet to find the escaped patients.

These really make people feel that the slot is not mouthless, in China, it is completely unthinkable.

Tens of thousands of people took part in the BJP’s campaign for west Bengal’s parliamentary elections on Saturday, as cases soared and hospitals neared collapse. Modi was there and said: “I can see people, I’ve never seen such a (massive) rally.” The comments also drew criticism on social media.

Therefore, this outbreak, on the one hand, let people see more really how big the gap in people’s livelihood governance in India, on the other hand, it is also a reminder to some people in India, what “values diplomacy”, what “the world’s largest democracy”, these words are very false, bluffing good, ruling the country, or put down-to-earth on the development of people’s livelihood, the country can have a way out.