Home Politics Indian media: Why did India not become the second largest air power in the world with the help of Russia? China can
Indian media: Why did India not become the second largest air power in the world with the help of Russia? China can

Indian media: Why did India not become the second largest air power in the world with the help of Russia? China can

by YCPress

To say that India has any domestically produced weapons and equipment may barely come up with a “brilliant” fighter, but to say what foreign weapons and equipment India has imported, it is really endless. After all, India relies on buying weapons to piece together its own country. Military strength is already a well-known thing. 

Of course, there are many countries that buy imported weapons and equipment, not just India, but it is India that can buy them for a long time without any growth.

Take Russia as an example. India is an important customer of Russia’s arms sales, and China and Russia have also had a decades-long military partnership.

They also purchased from Russia. Why is there such a big difference now? Recently, the Indian media asked a question: How did Russia help China surpass itself to become the world’s second largest air force? Looking at it from another angle, Indians actually want to say, why India has not been able to become the world’s second largest air force with the help of Russia, but China can?

With the rapid development of my country’s military in recent years, the current Chinese Air Force is a very important armed force in the world. Its military advantage is reflected in the J-16 multi-functional fighter, J-10, J-11 and the most advanced The fifth-generation fighter J-20 stealth fighter.

It can be said that the current military strength of the Chinese Air Force is not inferior to that of major powers. Although this is naturally due to the efforts of our scientific researchers and related technical personnel, it is also indispensable that Russia first “paved the way” for our country.

Since the normalization of Sino-Russian relations in 1989, military cooperation has always been one of the most important aspects of bilateral relations. When India, its partner in the Soviet era, could only use MiG-29s, China became the world’s first overseas customer to obtain Su-27 fighter jets. 

It is precisely because of the earliest Russian-made fighters introduced from Russia, including fighters modified according to Russian designs and a lot of Russian help, that there is today’s Chinese Air Force, which now has a significant influence in the world. air force.

Those who like military should understand that our country’s J-5, J-6, and J-7 fighters are all developed from the basis of MiG-17, MiG-19 and MiG-21. Even in order to further enhance the strength of the Chinese Air Force, my country has also invested heavily in the introduction of about 24 Su-35 fighters. 

Some people may say that China’s air power today is not because of Russia’s help. Indeed, China’s air power has made tremendous progress, thanks to Russia’s “dedication” over the past few decades. Russia has made China’s efforts to become a powerful country. Great contribution, but what’s the shame of it?

By imitating to completely manufacture its own fighter jets, this is China’s ability! In contrast, India has been relying on the introduction of Russian weapons and equipment to pool its own military strength, but it has not made any breakthroughs for so many years. What is it? With the help of Russia, China can develop a military force entirely owned by China

But India blindly buys but never thought of making domestic weapons and equipment. It can only be said that Indians have no brains. I can’t do it myself, but sour China has its own way. The same is bought from Russia, why is the difference so big? India is still the same.