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India, three bad news suddenly came!

India, three bad news suddenly came!

by YCPress

Among China’s dozens of neighboring countries, in terms of size and influence, the most important is undoubtedly these three:




Looking ahead, the most important of the three, the most important one, I always feel that it is not Russia, nor Japan, but India.

But interestingly, India is China’s most populous neighbor and potential neighbor, but it is also the neighbor with China with the most recent friction, and also the most affectionate neighbor with China.

It’s such a neighboring country that suddenly came three bad news.

Bad news one, the latest test results in New Delhi.

Today, the biggest bad news in the world is that the number of confirmed cases worldwide has exceeded 100 million.

After one word, eight zeros. It can’t be too much to say shocking.

But I always feel that this may still greatly underestimate the serious situation. After all, there is still a large population, which may be missed.

The latest news in India has made people take a breath.

According to India Today, the fifth round of serum antibody testing in the New Delhi region of India, which was conducted in January, showed an average of one in two people who tested positive, indicating that they had been infected with the novel coronavirus.

The survey, conducted from January 10 to 23 this year, covered 280 areas of New Delhi and collected 28,000 samples. Preliminary results show that 60% of the people tested are positive for serum antibodies. India Today reads that there are about 20 million people in New Delhi, which means that at least 10 million people have been infected with the novel coronavirus.

Previously, from June 27 to July 10, August, September and October, India tested four rounds, with 23.48%, 29.1%, 25.1% and 25.5%, respectively.

Now it’s 60%.

This is also a place in the capital New Delhi. India’s total population exceeds 1.3 billion. You can imagine the scale of infection!

Therefore, the so-called breakthrough of the 100 million mark can only be said to be 100 million confirmed. The real data is far higher than we imagined.

Bad news two, the camera-grabbing performance on National Day.

India has three National Day festivals. January 26 is called “Republic Day” to commemorate the entry into force of the Constitution and the establishment of the Republic; August 15 is called “Independence Day” to commemorate India’s liberation from colonial rule; October 2 is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

Despite the bad epidemic situation, India held a grand rally on January 26. Everyone wore masks and watched the parade and military parade.

The Indian army showed weapons such as T-90 main battle tank, Bramos missile, Pinaka rocket launcher and so on. But to many Indians’ regret, the final motorcycle stacking arhat stunt was cancelled this year.


Indian officials say performers are too close to social distancing on motorcycles.

The stacked arhat was canceled on its own initiative, but Indian officials did not expect it. They saw a new program – tractor on the street.

Indian farmers drove tractors and rushed into New Delhi from many states. In some places, farmers have fierce conflicts with the police.

The police waved batons and fired tear gas to expel the gathering of farmers. The peasants were not willing to show weakness, attacking the police and smashing the police car. The video shows that the tough Indian farmer even drove a tractor and directly hit the police, scaring the police to flee everywhere…

Why are Indian farmers so angry on a happy day?

Because India’s recent agricultural reform bill is very unpopular. For several months, Indian farmers have marched, protested and demonstrated in various ways.

On January 26, Modi, you paraded in New Delhi, just in time, the farmers’ tractors flock went to New Delhi to protest.

In the epidemic situation in New Delhi, the protests are crowded. You can imagine the consequences!

Bad news three, the Indian government has taken a second hand.

For Indian netizens and Chinese companies, India’s move is really dark.

Indian media revealed on January 26 that the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India has issued the latest notice that it will permanently ban 59 Chinese mobile phone applications in June this year, including Tik Tok (TikTok overseas version), Baidu, WeChat and UC browser.

It has been declared a ban before, and this time it has been a permanent ban.

The so-called reason is still “national security”.

But you know, these apps have a wide range of users in India, such as Tik Tok. During the epidemic, Tik Tok has become one of the main recreational tools for many Indians and has also created business opportunities for many Indians. Tik Tok has now exceeded 2 billion downloads worldwide, of which Indian users account for about one-third and more than 611 million downloads.

India’s permanent ban is undoubtedly an important blow to Tik Tok and others. But for India, is this good news?

India’s wishful thinking is nothing more than supporting local enterprises by banning Chinese APPs. But without the competitive environment, can these supported enterprises really fill the gap?

As China’s Ministry of Commerce said before: India’s relevant practices not only harm the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese investors and service providers, but also harm the interests of Indian consumers and the investment environment of India as an open economy.

For India, the most important thing at present is to attract foreign investment and develop the economy.

However, such a copy of this will undoubtedly make foreign companies have doubts about the business environment. India, your policy changes as you say. Can our investment be guaranteed? It seems that it has made some small profits, but it harms India’s own credit and long-term interests.

China is very restrained now. It should not want the relationship between China and India to deteriorate, but China has no countermeasures?

The Financial Times warned that any attempt by India to make China suffer “economic pain” will harm India itself, and that “India’s economic retaliation against China will be counterproductive”.

After all, the economy of China and India is not at the same level. China imports mainly raw materials from India, but India imports electronic products, solar panels, active drug ingredients, etc. from China.

India is very dependent on Chinese products. For example, without Chinese raw materials, many Indian medicines cannot be produced, but India is still doing it on its own…

Finally, what do you think?

Let’s have three simple sentences:

The first sentence, the most incomprehensible thing is the data of India, especially the data of the epidemic. Anyway, the latest monitoring released really makes people take a breath. Alas, in the final analysis, it is a tragedy. The virus is the common enemy of all mankind. Let’s wish the Indians good luck.

In the second sentence, India should work harder. Development is the absolute principle, and a peaceful and stable environment is very important. Only by practicing Wende inside can we serve friendly countries externally. Die-a-Arhats is just a pastime, and war is a disaster. If the epidemic problem of agriculture, rural areas and farmers is not solved well, India will eventually fall sharply.

The third sentence is that if India wants to become a big country, it needs to correct its mentality. In fact, China-India cooperation, learn from each other’s strengths, and business opportunities are unlimited. However, some people in India always like to wear colored glasses to look at China. China cannot be underestimated, bad, and ultimately the Indians’ own mentality. If you are in a bad mood, sooner or later it will be a bad thing.

This is a bad thing in India, and finally bad, and also an Indian thing. Modi, you know!