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India launches COVID-19 vaccination work Modi's speech: The vaccine is coming!

India launches COVID-19 vaccination work Modi’s speech: The vaccine is coming!

by YCPress

[Global Network News] According to Indian media reports such as the Hindustan Times, at 10:30 a.m. local time on the 16th, Indian Prime Minister Modi announced the launch of the first phase of India’s coronavirus vaccination plan through a videoconference.

β€œFor so many months, everyone has been asking when the [coronavirus] vaccine will come, and now it is coming.

In a few minutes, the world’s largest vaccination campaign will begin.” Modi said.

In his speech, he congratulated all of them, “especially the scientists involved in the process”, “they have worked tirelessly; the process of developing a vaccine (originally) took several years, but in such a short time, we have obtained two Indian-made vaccines for the novel coronavirus.”

Modi also said that India’s vaccination program is based on humanitarian programs, that is, those who “the most vulnerable people are vaccinated first”.

Our doctors, nurses, caregivers and cleaning staff have priority (vaccination) requirements for vaccines.”

In the next phase, people involved in essential services β€” like police, firefighters and more β€” will also be vaccinated, according to The Hindustan Times.

In addition, Modi also reminded people in his speech that two doses of COVID-19 vaccination are needed.” Don’t forget, they are important (2 doses). Also remember the difference (time) between the two doses.

“You can’t be protected until 14 days after you’ve been vaccinated,” he said.

Modi also asked to follow COVID-19 protection rules even after vaccination.

In his speech, Modi described India’s coronavirus vaccination program as a “massive [vaccination] operation”, saying that “there has not been seen such a large-scale and wide-scale vaccination program in history”.

On January 16th, local time, India launched the coronavirus vaccination work.

India has 3,006 vaccination sites throughout the country, and the whole vaccination process is carried out in two stages: the first stage is for front-line medical workers, police and other personnel, and the second stage is for 270 million people over 50 years old or people with complications.

According to the Times of India, the coronavirus vaccine in India is two two domestically produced two-date vaccines, with two injections separated by 28 days and 14 days after the second injection, and the immunization time is one year.