Home Business In the year of the pandemic, the Shanghai International Import Expo will send a “special message” to the world
In the year of the pandemic, the Shanghai International Import Expo will send a "special message" to the world

In the year of the pandemic, the Shanghai International Import Expo will send a “special message” to the world

by YCPress

Xinhua News Agency reporter

On November 4, 2020, at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, the curtain of the third China International Import Expo opened as scheduled.

In the face of the still severe global new Coronavirus Pandemic, in the face of a rare and sharp decline in the world economy, China has never stopped its pace of opening up, and China’s large market has become a global ballast stone.

People can’t help asking: What has the Shanghai International Import Expo shown to the world in the year of the pandemic as scheduled?

The economy recovers rapidly after the pandemic is controlled

Participants entering the exhibition shall implement health declarations, nucleic acid testing and quarantine observation; frozen fresh foods are not retailed in the exhibition area, and it is forbidden to try frozen fresh foods that have not been “fully cooked”; post pandemic prevention posters and broadcasts throughout the venue pandemic prevention video u2026u2026 At this CIIE, ensuring that pandemic prevention and control is not slack is the top priority for the organizers.

At this year’s CIIE, Michelin’s UPTIS airless and puncture-resistant tire system will make its Asian debut. (Photo courtesy of respondents)

Michelin, a Fortune 500 company, participated in the CIIE for the first time this year. Wei Shujie, President and CEO of Michelin China, recalled that at the beginning of the year, under the background of the severe pandemic, the China International Import Expo Bureau changed the signing process to online, and “this is just a microcosm of China’s defense control measures.”

At the beginning of this year, the sudden Coronavirus pandemic disrupted the pace of global development, and many countries suspended or cancelled large-scale international exhibitions. Behind the arrival of the third CIIE is the confidence and confidence brought by the effective control of the pandemic in China and the improvement of the normalized pandemic prevention and control mechanism.

“On the premise of reducing going out and avoiding gatherings of people, the CIIE has found an intelligent digital solution that reflects the wisdom of the organizers.” Wei Shujie said.

Under the guidance of the concept of people first and life first, China’s pandemic prevention and control war has achieved significant results while coordinating economic and social development.

As the world’s second-largest economy, China’s economy took the lead in “turning positive” among the world’s major economies in the first three quarters, with foreign trade increasing by 0.7% and actual use of foreign capital by 5.2%. This is a successful example of controlling the pandemic and coordinating growth.

Wei Shujie said that Michelin’s participation in the CIIE is not only optimistic about the platform of the CIIE, but also full of confidence in China and China’s economic development. “Whether it is business groups or all walks of life, there is an urgent need for a platform like the CIIE to restore the economy and increase confidence.”

Unabated market opening

As an organization that has organized and assisted Japanese companies to participate in the CIIE for three consecutive years, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) has witnessed more and more Japanese companies opening up the Chinese market through the CIIE.

The picture shows the “Japan Mall” booth that is being built and completed at this year’s CIIE. (Provided by JETRO Shanghai Representative Office)

Kenji Mizuta, chief representative of JETRO Shanghai Representative Office, introduced that JETRO organized 156 Japanese companies to participate in the Expo this year. Not only has the number of companies increased compared with the second session, the area of ​​concentrated exhibitions has also expanded accordingly.

“Although the pandemic has affected international personnel exchanges, many Japanese companies have used online and offline integrated business models and exhibited through their representative offices or agents in China.” Kenji Mizuta said that he expects more Japanese companies to share China’s expansion Open bonus.

The negative list of foreign investment access has been reduced from 40 to 33, and the number of pilot free trade zones has increased from 18 to 21. The overall plan for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port and the implementation plan for Shenzhen to further expand reform and opening The series of measures to expand opening up announced at the CIIE are fully implemented u2026u2026

Since the beginning of this year, despite many difficulties and challenges, China has not stopped its pace of opening up. China will only open its door wider and wider, and is willing to work with other countries to create a better tomorrow for mankind.

The “return rate” of the world’s top 500 and industry leaders exceeded 70%, and the average exhibition area increased by 14% over the previous exhibition; 30 least developed countries participated in the exhibition, and the exhibition area exceeded 4,000 square meters; dozens of companies signed contracts for the next three consecutive sessions u2026u2026 On the stage of China’s CIIE, more and more countries and enterprises are participating in and sharing the opportunities brought by China’s continued opening up.

“Today, the world is more closely connected than ever before. Nothing can change our confidence in continuing to cultivate in China.” said Jean-Paul Angon, CEO of L’Oréal Group, who participated in the Expo for the third consecutive year.

Meet the needs of the new development pattern

The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, which just concluded, made plans for the long-term development during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period and 2035.

China has clarified such a “construction drawing”: to accelerate the construction of a new development pattern with a domestic cycle as the main body and a domestic and international dual cycle mutual promotion.

This is not a closed domestic cycle, but a more open domestic and international double cycle, focusing on the common interests of all countries, not only for China’s own development needs, but also for the benefit of the people of all countries.

“Many companies are very interested in the CIIE. Just a week before the third CIIE, companies are still contacting us and are eager to participate.” said the new British ambassador to China, Wu Ruolan, which reflects the progress. The Expo has a strong attraction to British companies.

“Under the background of Coronavirus pandemic, bilateral trade is more important than ever before.” She believes that “the u2018 dual cycle u2019 concept is in line with China’s strong market demand and the UK’s export demand. The two sides complement each other and can promote each other. .”

In this year’s CIIE, the British Pavilion exhibited with the theme of “Delicacy in the UK”. (Photo courtesy of the British Consulate General in Shanghai)

Wei Shujie believes: “China’s proposed new development pattern of u2018, which is based on the domestic big cycle and the domestic and international double cycles mutually promote u2019, will equip the Chinese economy with two powerful u2018 engines, u2019.”

With a population of 1.4 billion and a middle-income group of over 400 million, China has the broadest market with the greatest potential in the world. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, the cumulative import value of goods is expected to exceed 22 trillion US dollars.

Wei Shujie said that China’s promotion of an open world economy can bring more development opportunities to countries and help stabilize global corporate confidence. In the long run, we need a sustainable world economy, and open cooperation can make it more resilient and risk-resistant. (Reporters Qi Fei, Qin Huajiang, He Xiyue, Xu Xiaoqing, Chen Aiping)