Home Politics In the face of Australian military atrocities, the Danish army said it would reconsider cooperation.
In the face of Australian military atrocities, the Danish army said it would reconsider cooperation.

In the face of Australian military atrocities, the Danish army said it would reconsider cooperation.

by YCPress

Looking back on the marriage of Prince Frederick, Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark and Australian lawyer Mary Donaldson in 2004, the Danish media discussed for several months of “who their queen will be in the future”.

The Danish royal family does not want to have anything to do with the atrocities against humanity – after Australian special forces were killed civilians in Afghanistan by a “real hammer” and triggered another international discussion.

Unlike Zhao Lijian, spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, who “brainlessly stood in line” and condemned them for no reason, Denmark finally recalled: Australia “draws the line”.

However, the Copenhagen Post reported on the 9th that the frogman army should reconsider its cooperation with Australia, and the subtitle pointed out in particular that there was no evidence of involvement in Danish special forces.

It has to be mentioned that Frederick served in the special operations unit of the Danish Navy, the Frogman corps (Frogman corps, which can be compared with the American SEALs).

The report is not critical of the Australian army’s behavior, using words such as atrocity and cruel and barbaric acts.

The Danish military will also launch an investigation to confirm whether anyone in the army has anything to do with the atrocities of the Australian army.

Dan special forces were stationed in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, and the Australian army was stationed in Kandahar and Uruzgan provinces, which were relatively close.

According to a report on February 8th, Peter Boyen, the commander of Danish special operations operations, publicly said, “There is no evidence that the Danish army has participated in the Australian army.

Our culture is unique, flat management, and always encourages pointing out other people’s mistakes. But it can’t be said too absolute. We need to find the danger signal in time.

In addition, the Danish Frogman Force is reconsidering its future cooperation with Australian Special Forces.

The report pointed out that some barren and resource-poor areas in Australia are excellent places to train frogman troops to survive and hide under extreme conditions.

The Frogman Force and the Dan Army Special Forces Hunters Force (Jægerkorps) were scheduled to conduct joint exercises in 2021 with the Australian Special Air Service Force (SARS) that were exposed to have committed the killing of Afghan children.

However, Boyson said that although this year’s exercise “may be cancelled due to the epidemic in any case”, the military will strictly review the report, “there will be a decision about future cooperation.”

On November 19 last year, Paul Brillington, judge of the Australian Court of Cassation of New South Wales, released a report on war crimes after more than four years of investigation.

The 531-page report contains the testimony of 423 witnesses, 20,000 documents and 25,000 photos.

The details in the report are shocking: on one occasion, two 14-year-old boys accused of sympathizing with the Taliban were cut off their throats and their bodies were thrown into bags into a nearby river.

In addition, the Australian Special Air Service Force (SAS) is suspected of murdering 39 Afghan civilians, killing unarmed people sometimes just to make young soldiers “bloodthirsty”.

Soldiers will be complacent, count the number of people, and make up reasons for the inhumane murder.

On November 19, Commander Campbell, the Australian Defence Force, admitted the crimes committed by the army in Afghanistan and apologized for it. “Some patrol soldiers enforce their own law, break rules, make up stories, make up lies, and kill prisoners,” he said.

On November 30 last year, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian tweeted on social media, citing @WuheKirin’s satirical cartoons condemning the atrocities committed by Australian soldiers against Afghan civilians and children.

Only two hours later, Australian Prime Minister Morrison became angry and openly demanded an apology from China.