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Twitter announced a permanent ban on Trump's account

ImpeachBidenNow Trend in twitter In this “Twitter war”, Trump followers still lost…

by YCPress

It’s not that I don’t understand, but that the world is changing fast.

Yesterday, American netizens also “miss” Trump on social media. Today, they were caught off guard by Trump fans…

“Imeach Biden immediately”!!!

Late at night on the 21st local time, Trump fans cheered up and brushed the entry on Twitter North America Hot Search.

Although there are only three words, the anger, struggle and unwillingness of Trump fans are almost fully reflected.

And why Biden was impeached, the reasons given by Trump fans are very “wonderful”.

For example, there are fans who have won Trump’s true story, who do not hesitate to pull out the anti-China flag and seriously publicize their belief in the set of views: “Chinese Joe and Beijing Biden have left the danger! He should immediately repeal those executive orders, which he violated the Constitution, put the United States and the entire border at risk, and undermined the work of the energy sector…”

Someone took Trump’s age advantage and laughed at Biden: “The picture of the old Biden in the Oval Office at this moment should be like this: Yawning…”

What annoys the vast majority of Trump supporters, of course, is the so-called “fake election results”. To this day, they still firmly believe that Biden can’t get more votes than Trump in any case: “The number of fools who voted for Biden is only 20 million, and they end up with only Bernie’s gloves!”

“Don’t believe fake news about Biden’s victory, it’s all a hoax!” …

It turns out that although Trump has moved out of the White House to hand over power, the combat effectiveness of his fans is still explosive – this hot search has remained firmly on the hot search list from late at night on the 21st to the morning of the 22nd, and even rushed to second place for a time.

What’s more surprising is that some Republican lawmakers who support Trump have also begun to join in solidarity. At 5 a.m. local time, Georgia congressman Marjorie Taylor Green, who must have not rested overnight, issued a statement and videos on her Twitter page about the impeachment of Joe Biden, and immediately gained tens of thousands of points. Like and comment.

However, after this huge hot search stayed on the list for a few hours, a large number of American netizens arrived in time and began to “anti-triad” crazily under the hot search entry.

“Can I do anything???

“What on earth do I see!”

“Everybody calm down, you’d better look at more beautiful things to wash your eyes!”

“No, why impeach Biden? Just because he’s done more work than Trump’s four years in two days?”

Some netizens pointed out sharply whether Trump supporters have made it clear whether impeaching Biden will not bring Trump any benefits, but will benefit Harris, who they “hate”: “Have anyone told them [Trump supporters] the fact that even if they successfully impeach Biden, Rump can’t be president either. On the contrary, an Asian black woman who deeply frightens them will become president. I don’t think they understand this!”

As the “war situation” gets worse and worse, more American netizens simply throw out their own Aidou’s GIFs, calling on everyone to calm down and see more beautiful things, while the voice of Trump supporters is gradually declining. As one American netizen said: A funny scene appeared, and under the hot search of “impeach Biden”, it’s all Biden’s. Supporters were brushing their entries, and the battlefield that was originally smoked suddenly became an ocean of joy.

“Impeach Biden” and that’s all…