Home Business I’m in the Blue Room driving a historic reverse on the Belt and Road, injured only by reversers
I'm in the Blue Room driving a historic reverse on the Belt and Road, injured only by reversers

I’m in the Blue Room driving a historic reverse on the Belt and Road, injured only by reversers

by YCPress

At the just-concluded Boao Forum for Asia’s 2021 annual meeting, the “Belt and Road” was once again widely praised. The Australian federal government on the 21st rejected the “Belt and Road” cooperation agreement signed between the Victorian government of Australia and China, shockingly. At a press conference on the 22nd, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin responded.

“The Australian side reviewed more than 1000 agreements and finally decided to withdraw four, including two agreements signed with China, and Australia’s so-called “non-country-specific” is simply untenable,” Wang said. ”

He stressed that “Australia’s political manipulation and bullying is completely contrary to the spirit of China-Australia comprehensive strategic partnership, is driving a historical reversal, the nature of bad, on the confidence of local and business cooperation between the two countries has had a serious negative impact, but also make Australia’s own image and credibility seriously damaged.” ”

“Australia has spoken out about its desire to cooperate with China and strengthen high-level dialogue, but has said that it wants to do one set and do things that undermine bilateral relations over and over again,” he said. What the Australian side has done shows once again that they have no sincerity in improving Sino-Australian relations. ”

Up to now, China has signed 205 co-construction cooperation agreements with 171 countries and international organizations, jointly launched more than 2000 projects, and jointly built the Belt and Road Along the high-quality development direction. “Belt and Road” circle of friends continues to expand, it is the Belt and Road should be trend, the most powerful proof of the people’s hearts.

Despite the impact of Coronavirus pandemic, in 2020, the construction of the “Belt and Road” still played a moving chapter: a number of major projects progress smoothly, trade exchanges to maintain growth, investment cooperation continues to deepen … Among them, there is a “steel camel team” reputation of the Central European line, the role of the trade channel is more prominent: the full year opened more than 12,000 columns, up 50% year-on-year, access to 21 countries outside 92 cities. In the first quarter of 2021, it achieved the “open door” – opening 3345 columns.

Co-construction of the “Belt and Road” is the pursuit of development, advocating a win-win situation, the transmission of hope. Victoria’s choice to sign an agreement with China saw the Belt and Road Link open up new space for world economic growth and provide important opportunities to improve the well-being of its people. The Australian Federal Government hastily vetoed the cooperation agreement, recklessly undermining normal exchanges and cooperation between China and Australia, poisoning mutual trust between the two countries and harming the interests of the two peoples. Australia is walking on a sunny road where everyone is moving hand in hand, but has opened a “historical reversal”.

According to the World Bank report, building a “Belt and Road” is expected to lift 7.6 million people out of extreme poverty and 32 million from moderate poverty by 2030. This fully illustrates the important role of the Belt and Road Road in achieving the common prosperity of mankind. The countries concerned are advised to identify the situation, stand on the right side of history, choose to open rather than closed, do not drive “historical reverse”, but should join hands in the “Belt and Road” development express.