Home Politics If the United States saw it, it would definitely invade and liberate the United States.
Matt Pottinger, Deputy National Security Adviser of the White House, resigns

If the United States saw it, it would definitely invade and liberate the United States.

by YCPress

Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, once declared that the riots and demonstrations in Hong Kong were “a beautiful scenery”;

Today, demonstrators in Washington, D.C., broke the Capitol and captured Pelosi’s office. When the latter fled, he didn’t even have time to turn off the computer.

After the demonstrators entered the door, they sat in her chair to pose.

Once, some politicians and media in the United States adopted “double standards” to glorify the extreme atrocities of “anti-China riots in Hong Kong” elements, distorted the legitimate behavior of the Hong Kong police in civilized law enforcement and crime into “tyranny” and “excessive use of force”, and criticized them;

Today, a large number of Trump supporters launched a riot, which has killed 4 people and arrested 52 people. In order to prevent protesters from breaking through the defense line, the police used pepper spray.

Tear gas was also used at the scene. According to US media, after a woman was shot in the chest and died, three more people died of a smoke bomb outbreak of asthma and heart disease. At least 14 police officers were injured in the riots, and one of them was even “pulled into the crowd and beaten by demonstrators”.

Over the past few decades, the United States has promoted “American democracy” in many parts of the world, set off war, incited the color revolution, subverted and interfered in the internal affairs of other countries.

Now American demonstrators have demolished the Capitol with bare hands, obstructing the normal election process, and also removed the House of Representatives speechboard and hung it on shopping websites for auction.

Mohammed Safa, a Lebanese diplomat and Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations, summed up the “American story”: If the United States sees what the United States is doing to the United States, the United States will certainly invade the United States and liberate the United States from the hands of the tyranny of the United States.

Russia Today published a “heart-to-heart” commentary: On this day, the United States finally tasted its so-called “democracy” overseas.

Canada’s Toronto Star said that this shows how fragile the security of the U.S. government is.

Under Trump, many things that seem rock-solid have been exposed to be very fragile – including American democracy itself.

Three former U.S. Presidents Obama, George W. Bush and Clinton issued statements condemning the violence.

Obama said that the incident on the 6th was “incited by the current president” and was a “great moment of shame and shame” in the United States; George W. Bush condemned the attack

Calling it “nauseating” but “heartbreaking”; Clinton said that the incident showed that the U.S. Congress, the U. Constitution and the United States itself face Unprecedented attack.

“Imeach Trump”

The Washington Post published an editorial calling for Trump’s immediate dismissal and full responsibility for the incident.

The paper criticized Trump for encouraging the mob to act during the joint session of Congress.” Trump has posed a threat to American democracy, and every second he has the great power of the president is a threat to public order and national security.”

The MSNBC anchor also called for Trump’s removal as soon as possible on the program.” Trump has clearly become a threat and needs to legally remove him as soon as possible.”

More Republicans have told CNN that they think Trump should be removed by January 20.

The Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives urged Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to remove Trump.

According to CNN, after the riots, the number of people in both parties who believe that Trump should be removed from office is increasing, and some cabinet officials have begun preliminary discussions on this.

Can Trump be impeached and dismissed? After analysis, Reuters believes: Yes.

Impeachment can only be brought by the House of Representatives, which charges the President is involved in “felony or misdemeanor”.

If the House of Representatives approves the relevant charges by a simple majority, it will then refer it to the Senate, which will try to determine whether the president is guilty or not.

According to the constitutional requirement, the Senate must pass by a two-thirds vote to convict and remove the president.

Frank Bowman, a professor of constitution at the University of Missouri, believes that Trump can be dismissed for “inciting riots, or attempting to overthrow the U.S. government”.

It may also be impeached on broader charges: such as disloyalty to the U.S. Constitution, failure to abide by the oath of office, etc. Congress has the power to determine his crimes as serious and not limited to actual crimes.

In theory, one day can impeach Trump and step down.

Betrayal and divorce

According to CNBC, Stephanie Grisham, the chief of staff of the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, and Sarah Matthews, deputy press secretary of the White House, announced their resignations after the violent riots in the U.S. Congress on January 6.

According to the latest news from Bloomberg, White House deputy national security adviser Pottinger has announced his resignation.

CNN reported that on the evening of the 7th, people who may resign include national security adviser O’Brien.

Not only did the right-hand man resign on a large scale, but also the traditional allies of the United States have drawn a clear line from Trump.

British Prime Minister Johnson was the first to speak out on the internal affairs of the United States.

“What happened in the United States is not protests, but riots,” commented Dusset, the chief foreign correspondent of the BBC, in a tweet from the BBC, in a tweet.

“The scene tonight at the U.S. Capitol is deeply concerning and the vote must be respected,” said Sassoli, Speaker of the European Parliament.

“Trump and his supporters should accept the decisions of American voters and stop trampling on democracy,” German Foreign Minister Mass said.