Home Politics Hungary snatched “EU number one” in this matter
Hungary snatched "EU number one" in this matter

Hungary snatched “EU number one” in this matter

by YCPress

February 18 According to the website of the U.S. THE Hill Daily on February 16, more than half a million doses of Chinese-made coronavirus vaccine arrived in Budapest on Tuesday local time, and Hungary became the first EU country to receive a Chinese vaccine.

The report quoted the Associated Press as saying that a plane carrying 550,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine developed by China’s state-owned pharmaceutical company National Pharmaceutical Group arrived in Budapest on Tuesday.

With a vaccine from Beijing, Hungary can vaccinate nearly 275,000 people against the novel coronavirus, Agnesh Gorgozi of the Hungarian National Public Health Center said at a press conference.

Gorgozi also said: “With this batch of vaccines, Hungary now has five different vaccines available, so we can vaccinate as many people as possible as possible as possible.” However, the health official pointed out that vaccine distribution will not begin until the public health center evaluates.

According to the report, this is the first batch of coronavirus vaccines received by Hungary.

Hungary is expected to receive 5 million doses in the next four months, which can provide 2.5 million people nationwide.

The report pointed out that the vaccine has been inoculated and used in Hungary’s neighboring Serbia (non-EU members).