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Hungary approves the use of a Chinese vaccine, the first EU member state adopts it

Hungary approves the use of a Chinese vaccine, the first EU member state adopts it

by YCPress

According to Reuters, the Hungarian government’s drug regulator approved the use of the coronavirus vaccine developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group on the 29th.

Hungary’s chief medical officer Mueller Cecilia announced the news at a press conference on the same day, making the first country to approve the use of the Chinese pandemic. Miao’s EU member states.

Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán said on the 29th that he trusted the Chinese-produced coronavirus vaccine most, and individuals would choose a Chinese vaccine.

Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Affairs, Sirto, said on the 29th that after the approval of the Chinese vaccine, Hungary immediately completed the signing of a formal contract with China for the purchase of 5 million doses of the National Pharmaceutical Group vaccine at noon local time, which will be delivered to Hungary in four batches within four months.

As early as the 14th, Hungary signed an intention contract with China National Pharmaceutical Group to purchase 1 million doses of vaccines.

Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán said on the morning of the 29th that he would be vaccinated and was already in line. “I’m waiting for and believing in a Chinese vaccine, because Chinese people were the first to know about the virus. Some people will trust the Russian vaccine, while others think ideologically that Western vaccines should be used.” He said that if Hungary had obtained a Chinese vaccine, it could vaccinate about 1.7 million people by March.

Orbán also said that the government is closely monitoring the mass vaccination situation in neighboring Serbia. Serbia has vaccinated more than 300,000 people in China, including Hungarian-populated areas in the north.

In the middle of this month, the first 1 million doses of national medicine vaccine arrived in Serbia, becoming the first European country to use Chinese vaccines for large-scale vaccination.

Hungary has always been very pragmatic about the purchase of vaccines. The Hungarian government has repeatedly said that buying vaccines is a life-saving issue, not a political issue, and therefore will welcome effective and reliable vaccines in the West and the East.

AFP said on the 29th that Orbán has repeatedly criticized the European Union for its slow movement on vaccine procurement and distribution, and Hungary became the first EU member state last week to buy a Russian “satellite-V” coronavirus vaccine.

In order to speed up the approval process of vaccines, the Hungarian government issued a decree on the 28th to adopt an emergency use approval procedure for any vaccine that has been used by more than one million people.

On the 28th, the first batch of nearly 2 million doses of coronavirus vaccine developed by China’s Kexing Company arrived in Chile, and Chilean President Pinheira personally welcomed it.

He said that he and the Minister of Health himself would also be vaccinated against Coching in February.