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Hundreds of people have directly contacted the White House for amnesty

by YCPress

December 17th. According to US media reports on the 16th, since the US election in early November, the White House has received a large number of requests for presidential amnesty.

Hundreds of people have directly contacted people in the White House, hoping to be protected in the future. Prosecuted.

CNN reported that due to the large number of people applying for amnesty, the White House had to specifically list them. Because Trump did not use the Justice Department’s amnesty process, many people chose to contact the White House directly to seek amnesty. 

When they can’t reach Trump, they will consult through Trump’s son-in-law, presidential adviser Kushner, White House chief of staff Meadows or White House lawyer Chiporone.

“This is crazy. There are a lot of things now.” An unnamed source said, “Everyone thinks (amnesty) has no formal process and should contact the White House directly.” The report stated that Trump is currently considering pardons.

There are more than 20 people. In addition, hundreds of applications have been sent directly to the White House, and thousands of applications are pending review by the Department of Justice.

CNN stated that those who are more likely to receive an amnesty are those who have personal acquaintances with Trump, or those who are looking for contacts to lobby for them. 

A lobbyist seeking amnesty for others expressed the hope that these people’s loyalty to Trump will be rewarded at this time.