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Hundreds of Britons at Swiss resorts flee overnight after refusing to quarantine demands…

by YCPress

According to several French and German media reports, in order to prevent and control the newly discovered and more infectious strains of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom, many European countries have adopted stricter entry and travel restrictions on the United Kingdom.

But shockingly, at a ski resort in Switzerland, hundreds of British people rejected the quarantine requirements of the Swiss authorities and fled collectively late at night…

As shown in the figure below, French and German media such as AFP and Deutsche Welle have reported the flight of these British tourists.

According to these media reports, the incident happened at the Welbier ski resort in southern Switzerland, which has also been a popular tourist destination for British tourists.

However, in order to prevent and control the newly discovered strains of the novel coronavirus in Britain, the Swiss government not only suspended flights from the United Kingdom recently, but also announced that British people entering the country will be quarantined for 10 days since December 14.

This means that about 420 British tourists at the ski resort in Verbier are quarantined for 10 days. For the British who are used to “freedom”, this is certainly intolerable.

Therefore, according to these French and German media reports, 50 British tourists fled immediately after hearing the news at the weekend. The vast majority of the remaining 370 later fled in the evening, some of whom also fled directly from Switzerland to France.

Fewer than 10 people are still complying with the quarantine requirements of the Swiss authorities.

It is worth mentioning that a large number of Western media earlier reports showed that ski resorts were a high-risk area for the early spread of the epidemic in Europe and the United States.

For example, a Reuters report in February this year showed that a British tourist who went to France for a holiday from Singapore transmitted the virus to more Britons at a local ski resort.

Instead, there are still people who excuse themselves, including the ski resort in Switzerland. Municipality of Bagne.

A spokesman for the government told the media that the British tourists should not be blamed for their flight, and said that he “understand” why they did it, because the Swiss government’s isolation measures were too hasty, which would lead to them being locked in the ski resort, and the four people crowded in a 20-square-meter room. It hurts.

Finally, according to a report by France’s Channel 24, the Swiss health department said on Sunday that the strain of the novel coronavirus that has greatly worsened the epidemic in the UK has appeared in Switzerland.

At the same time, another mutant strain recently discovered in South Africa has also been spread to Switzerland.