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How well did the Iraqi people live under Saddam Hussein ?

How did the Iraqi people live under Saddam Hussein ?

by YCPress

How did the Iraqi people live under Saddam Hussein ?

More than fifteen years passed since the Iraq War broke out in March 2003. Before and after this war, the lives of the Iraqi people have also undergone earth-shaking changes.

Saddam was imprisoned and the US army welcomed The country has also fallen into chaos. But for Saddam’s existence, they have mixed opinions on him. Some take his death as a matter of course, while others take him as a hero. Then when Saddam was in power, the Iraqis really lived. Is it not good?

How did the Iraqi people live under Saddam Hussein ?

In fact, this is not the case. When Saddam was in power, the standard of living of their people was quite high, even comparable to the United States at that time. 

After all, as the most oil-rich country in the Middle East, development is naturally quite good. However, this only started when Saddam was in power, because the country did not develop oil before, but was industrialized by Saddam Hussein.

Not only that, Saddam is still particularly concerned about the health and future of the Iraqi people. During his administration, he opened four free items: medical care, pension, housing, and education. 

For the poor Iraqi people at that time, it was an exciting and happy thing to get a house to live in.

At the same time, Saddam knew well that a country needs talents to be strong, but before he came to power, the education of Iraqi children had not kept pace with the times, so he offered free education so that children could have books.

Read, learn more knowledge, in order to serve the motherland. However, the children who were born during or after the war basically had no books to read. Now the most talented people are middle-aged people. This is the consequence.

In addition, when Saddam was reigning, the Iraqi people could enjoy financial assistance, and it was very cool to spend the hot summer vacation in other countries, provided that as long as he did not violate his regulations, then these benefits could be enjoyed.

But these are nothing. The currency circulation between countries is the most important. During Saddam’s reign, the people were quite “rich”. They used their own currency and only one dollar could be exchanged for 3.5. dinar. 

However, in Iraq now, 1 US dollar can be exchanged for 2000 dinars. This “price drop” is simply a heaven and a hell.