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How does the coronavirus vaccine work? How long can it be protected?

How does the coronavirus vaccine work? How long can it be protected?

by YCPress

Note: Recently, China’s first coronavirus vaccine has begun to vaccinate key populations in many places.

Do you want to get a coronavirus vaccine? How to call? What kind of vaccine is vaccinated in our country? Which groups of people are suitable for? Can I take off my mask after I’m done?

How long will the vaccination be protected? What should I do if there is an adverse reaction? Focusing on the concerns of the common people about the coronavirus vaccine, Guangming Science Popularization plans a series of popular science animations “Painting Epidemic Prevention ยท Vaccine Coming” to comprehensively sort out and answer.

How does the coronavirus vaccine work in the human body?

After vaccination, the human body will produce protective antibodies, and some vaccines will also make the body produce cellular immunity and form corresponding immune memory.

In this way, the human body has immunity to disease.

Once the novel coronavirus invades the human body, the antibodies produced by the vaccine and the cytokines released by cellular immunity can recognize, neutralize or kill the virus, and immune memory will quickly mobilize the immune system to play a role, so that the virus cannot continue to proliferate in the body, thus achieving the purpose of preventing disease.

How long will it take to produce antibodies after being vaccinated against the novel coronavirus?

According to the previous clinical trial study, about two weeks after the second dose of vaccine, the inoculated population can produce better immune effects.

How durable is the protection of the coronavirus vaccine currently used ?

Judging from the clinical trial data, the protection period can reach more than half a year.

Because the coronavirus vaccine is a newly developed and put into use vaccine, continuous monitoring and related research after large-scale vaccination are needed to accumulate more scientific evidence to assess the protection durability of the coronavirus vaccine.