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How Can the United States Get Out of the "Darkest Moment" of the Coronavirus

How Can the United States Get Out of the “Darkest Moment” of the Coronavirus

by YCPress

Biden succeeds Trump as president, but the pandemic in the United States has not been effectively contained.

According to the latest statistics of Johns Hopkins University, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States exceeds 24 million, and the cumulative number of deaths exceeds 400,000.

The death toll has exceeded the total number of U.S. military deaths in World War II.

Such a comparison is undoubtedly shocking.

In his inaugural speech, President Biden said that the United States is entering the darkest and deadliest period of the pandemic and needs all the strength to survive the dark winter.

To achieve this goal, the top priority of the United States is to put aside selfish thoughts and devote all its energy to the fight against the pandemic.

However, in the four years of the Trump administration, political polarization and party disputes have intensified.” The slogan of “Make America Great Again” not only does not make America great again, but also divides American domestic politics.

In the absence of national coordination and the continuous politicization of public health institutions, it is not easy for the United States to get out of the “darkest moment” of the pandemic.

Many American politicians with ulterior motives do not put the interests of the American people first and focus on the fight against the pandemic.

Instead, they try to politicize the pandemic and desperately encourage the Trump administration to find imaginary enemies around the world and earn personal political capital from it.

Over the past year, the Trump administration with a high unilateral tendency announced its withdrawal from the World Health Organization, which greatly undermined the global fight against the pandemic and negatively affected the overall situation of world cooperation in the fight against the pandemic.

And it is not others who pay a heavy price, but innocent American people.

The pandemic is a common challenge facing all mankind.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, while doing a good job in pandemic prevention and control, China has launched the largest global humanitarian action since the founding of New China.

According to statistics, from March 1 last year to January 10 this year, China has provided more than 42 billion masks, more than 900 million pairs of gloves, 780 million sets of protective clothing, 50.66 million pairs of goggles and 15,648 ventilators to the United States through export and donations.

China has shown the world with practical actions that unity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons to defeat the pandemic.

Therefore, the new U.S. government must get out of Trump’s shadow, abandon wrong political ideas, return to the stage of multilateralism and globalization, and join hands with other countries in the world to fight the pandemic.

This is both an opportunity for the United States to regain the trust of the international community, but also a long-awaited measure by the American people.

We believe that only when all countries in the world have overcome the pandemic can mankind truly defeat the pandemic completely.