Home Politics High imitation Diaoyu Islands! focus of the largest annual military exercise between United States and Japan is here
High imitation Diaoyu Islands! focus of the largest annual military exercise between United States and Japan is here

High imitation Diaoyu Islands! focus of the largest annual military exercise between United States and Japan is here

by YCPress

On October 26, the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command and the Japan Self-Defense Force jointly launched the “Sharp Sword” military exercise.

The U.S. sent approximately 9,000 soldiers from the Navy, Air Force, Army and Marine Corps to participate in the exercise.

With 46,000 people, the highlight was the Japan-US joint defense exercise on outlying islands on Crouching Island.

The rotorcraft is equipped with the commander of the U.S. Army in Japan, Lieutenant General Kevin Schneider , and Koji Nagasaki, the integrated staff of the Ministry of Defense of Japan .

The largest annual military exercise in the United States and Japan October 26 to November 5 Unfold in the western Pacific The highlight of the exercise is an uninhabited island- Lying Snake Island It is reported that the reason for choosing Lying Snake Island Because its terrain is similar to the Diaoyu Islands The largest annual military exercise in the United States and Japan The highlight is the joint defense drill on outlying islands

Lying Snake Island is located on the Tugala Islands about 200 kilometers southwest of Kagoshima City. Due to the severe living conditions, it became an uninhabited island in 1970. 

Passing by the starboard side of the “Kaga” was the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier. Regarding the Japanese quasi-aircraft carrier and the U.S. aircraft carrier in the same frame, the commander of the US military in Japan, Schneider, said,  Nowhere in the world can two countries conduct joint operations like the United States and Japan.” 

A Japanese Self-Defense Force officer stated that the topography of the cliffs on the Snake Island is similar to that of the Diaoyu Islands, and that “exercises will become a strong signal to neighboring countries.”

In this large-scale military exercise, the Japanese side participated in the “Capture the Islands” exercise by the Japanese Outlying Island Defense Special Force “Amphibious Mobile Corps.” 

With landing operations as the main task, it needs to rely on the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force ships to deploy. Although joint training has been conducted several times since the establishment, this is the first time that the training has been disclosed to the media.

American aircraft carrier and Japanese aircraft carrier are rare in the same frame

U.S. fighter jets first landed on the quasi-carrier deck

Japan’s Kyodo News Agency believes that the US Marine Corps is adjusting its strategy and is trying to include “expeditionary forward base operations” such as landing on islands in the Asia Pacific region as one of its options. This may also affect the future deployment of US troops in Japan. Some people in the Japanese government believe that Okinawa is closer to the South China Sea, and its geographic location may be more important than before.

On October 26, an American CV-22 “Osprey” rotorcraft landed on the deck of the Japanese “Kaga” for the first time. This landing kicked off the largest annual military exercise between the United States and Japan.

While the Covid-19 Pandemic is still spreading, some US soldiers who went to Japan for exercises did not quarantine at the base, but stayed in hotels outside the base. Local people worry that this will become a big hidden danger in preventing the Covid-19 Pandemic.

On October 25, local people held a protest rally near the base, demanding that the US-Japan joint exercise be stopped. Expert: large scale and strong offensive The US-Japan military exercise is clearly directed Why is the scale of the US-Japan military exercise so large? What is the intention of the United States? Come listen to the analysis of military expert Cao Weidong.

However, the US-Japan military exercises disrupted the normal lives of the local people and aroused strong dissatisfaction among the Japanese people.

Military expert Cao Weidong analyzed:

  • The U.S.-Japan military exercise is relatively large and offensive. The United States must strengthen its military cooperation with Japan through such exercises, which will be reflected in the future military conflicts and the joint combat capabilities of the United States and Japan.
  • Obviously, this exercise is an exercise that may have to deal with the seizure of islands or landing in the future, not a defensive exercise.
  • The exercise area is in Okinawa, Japan, close to Russia and China. The direction of the exercise is very obvious.
  • The United States has frequently increased its military deployment and military provocative activities, which are directly related to the US election. In the fight against the epidemic, the strength of the US military is manifested by creating conflicts and crises in the world, and then deploying the US military.
  • It is not because there are so many hot spots or crises in the world, but the United States wants to create these hot spots and crises to serve its domestic politics.

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