Home Politics Heavy troops gathered to take office, is this “American democracy”?
Heavy troops gathered to take office, is this "American democracy"?

Heavy troops gathered to take office, is this “American democracy”?

by YCPress

January 20, President-elect Biden was sworn in, as usual, should have been a congressional witness of the old president, a mass parade, a white house held a dance…

However, the reality is: Trump broke American political conventions and missed Biden’s inauguration; Washington was “fully armed” and 25,000 soldiers escorted.

Roadblocks and fences can be seen everywhere, and Capitol Hill is surrounded by high-speed rail screens… Washington has become a “high-security military base”, and foreign media even described Washington as a “ghost city with soldiers”.

As the largest developed country and the United States, which claims to be the “beacon of democracy”, the transfer of power even needs to deploy heavy troops, which is equivalent to five times the total number of U.S. troops currently stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

People can’t help but ask, what’s wrong with the United States? Is this “American democracy”?

The transfer of power is unprecedented. The “Beacon of Democracy” collapsed.

Washington’s imminent enemy stems from the violent shock to Congress that shocked the world two weeks ago.

On January 6, a sudden riot in Washington, a large number of Trump supporters violently stormed the Capitol, interrupting the process of accreditation of the election results in both houses of Congress, killing at least five people and causing public opinion to be in an uproar.

The bloody impact on Congress not only put a thick cloud on the transfer of power, but also exposed the myth of “American democracy” and tore off the fig leaf of “American democracy”.

According to the U.S. media, this is the first time in modern American history that the transfer of power “devolve into a physical confrontation within the corridor of power in Washington”, “violence, chaos and destruction have shaken the core of American democracy”, and the “political system of the United States may have been permanently damaged”.

Former President Trump, who is inexistible with this matter, was also impeached by the House of Representatives on suspicion of inciting riots, becoming the first U.S. president to be impeached twice in his term.

Inauguration ceremony, epidemic prevention, riot control and assassination highlight the fragility of “American democracy”

The chaos in Congress has not dissipated, coupled with the increasing epidemic. Biden’s inauguration ceremony is regarded as a “special event of national security” in the United States.

The upper and lower nerves are tense, and a large-scale security force has been mobilized to the capital precisely to “preventil the epidemic, riot and assassination” on the day of the inauguration of the new president.

This fear is not out of nothing.

According to U.S. media reports, the Supreme Court near the Capitol received another bomb threat before the inauguration ceremony on the 20th.

In order to prevent “mole” attacks on the new president by “mole” among the National Guard members involved in the security of the ceremony, the FBI has assisted the military in conducting three “security reviews” of all 25,000 National Guard members.

According to CNN News on the 19th, 12 soldiers have been transferred from their posts for failing to pass the audit.

The FBI previously warned that armed demonstrations may occur in the capitals of 50 states and Washington, D.C., starting from the 16th. To this end, multi-state capitals have increased their alert and strengthened security outside the state legislature building.

At least a dozen states have activated the National Guard to assist in policing. At the moment of the presidential transfer of power, the United States is so ready, which is very rare in American history.

The Washington Post said that the state legislatures are now taking “unusual security measures”, reflecting the current state of insecurity in the United States.

The threat of violence and potential instability cast a shadow over Biden’s White House entry ceremony and also highlights the fragility of “American democracy”.

For those veterans who have joined the army and seen the cruelty of the battlefield, they should not have thought that their country would become the front line of the battlefield and need heavy guards. Is this what they think of as “American democracy”?