Home Politics Head Of Staff in United Kingdom said : there was a risk of a world war, and the United States and Russia upgraded the “doomsday aircraft”.
Head Of Staff in United Kingdom said : there was a risk of a world war, and the United States and Russia upgraded the "doomsday aircraft".

Head Of Staff in United Kingdom said : there was a risk of a world war, and the United States and Russia upgraded the “doomsday aircraft”.

by YCPress

This year’s pandemic has hit the world, and it has also triggered concerns experts from various countries about the world war. According to sources quoted by Reuters, senior officials of the British Armed Forces recently claimed that the pandemic1 has triggered a world economic crisis, which may subsequently lead to large-scale wars worldwide. As soon as the British Chief of Staff spoke, the United States and Russia began to quietly upgrade the “doomsday aircraft.”

According to recent news from China Review News, Russia plans to develop a highly specialized aircraft to replace the Il-80 “doomsday aircraft” during the Cold War. 

The U.S. Pentagon is also considering upgrading its existing “doomsday aircraft.” The current epidemic crisis has not yet been resolved. The two military powers of Russia and the United States have successively upgraded the “doomsday aircraft”.

What kind of signals have been sent to the outside world? 

To understand the strategic intentions of the United States and Russia, we must first understand the “doomsday aircraft.” Statistics show that the “doomsday aircraft” is a special military armed aircraft that can withstand apocalyptic strikes such as nuclear explosions, asteroid strikes, and terrorist attacks. 

When countries and human civilization are threatened with fatal threats, the “doomsday plane” will become the last line of defense, guiding the “last battle.” In other words, the “doomsday plane” bears the task of the last hope and the Jedi counterattack.   

Head Of Staff in United Kingdom said : there was a risk of a world war, and the United States and Russia upgraded the "doomsday aircraft".

However, due to the high cost and complex production, only the United States and Russia can build the “doomsday airplane” in the world. The American “doomsday plane” is modified on the basis of Boeing 747 passenger planes.

There are only four planes, each costing more than 200 million U.S. dollars, which can carry more than 100 passengers and can fly for several days without refueling. The “doomsday plane” can effectively defend against radiation from nuclear explosions and act as a command center for the summit.

According to the strategic concept of the US military’s “doomsday war plan”, once the United States encounters a large-scale nuclear bomb attack from Siberia, the US military will immediately initiate an emergency plan to ensure that the “doomsday aircraft” quickly lifts off. This kind of strategic conception is self-evident.

Compared with the “Doomsday Aircraft” of the United States, Russia’s “Doomsday Aircraft” is upgraded based on the Il-80 and Il-82. Russia’s latest “doomsday plane” is equipped with various advanced electronic equipment and communication equipment, and also has the function of resisting nuclear bomb radiation. In terms of weapon development, Russia is not behind the United States at all.

Since the end of the Cold War, the world has gradually moved towards a multi-polar pattern, and the US and Russia’s conception of the “doomsday war” has also been temporarily put on hold. However, as the United States withdraws from a series of arms control treaties and plans to deploy supersonic missiles and short- and medium-range missiles in Europe, the relationship between the two countries has become increasingly tense, and the geopolitical game has become quite fierce. 

From this point of view, the United States and Russia are worried that a nuclear war will break out in the world. Therefore, “doomsday war” and “doomsday plane” were put on the agenda again.

Putin once pointed out that a nuclear war may lead to the destruction of human civilization. Russia will not sit back and watch the United States deploy short- and medium-range missiles in Europe and will adopt the same measures. 

Russian experts also pointed out that Russia’s pioneering supersonic missiles can quickly break through the advanced US anti-missile system and cause a major blow to the United States. If the United States dares to do anything wrong, Russia will naturally respond.

As the two largest nuclear powers in the world, the United States and Russia possess tens of thousands of nuclear weapons, enough to destroy mankind dozens of times. 

Once a nuclear war breaks out between the two countries, the whole world will not be spared. Now, the two countries have put the “doomsday war” and “doomsday plane” on the agenda, and the risk of triggering a global nuclear war is rising.

Since the end of World War II, mankind has enjoyed more than 70 years of peace, but this does not mean that war is far away from mankind. The shadow of the world war began to hang over the earth due to the wrongdoing of the United States. 

For countries in the world, if a global nuclear war is to be avoided, then they need to join forces to curb bullying and unipolarism. In particular, the United States has launched a series of bullying actions to consolidate its hegemony. Therefore, in order to maintain world peace.