Home Politics Has this started to frighten Trump with “titles”?
Has this started to frighten Trump with "titles"?

Has this started to frighten Trump with “titles”?

by YCPress

At a time when the U.S. election is stalemate and the situation is still unclear, on November 6, the famous financial media Bloomberg published an article discussing whether Trump’s Twitter account will be blocked after he steps down.

According to this Bloomberg report, Twitter officials had previously admitted that because Trump was in the US presidency, they had given Trump’s Twitter account “special treatment” for “the public’s right to know”. However, Twitter confirmed to Bloomberg that if Trump cannot be re-elected in this general election, his account will be regarded as the private account of the “former leader” and will no longer enjoy any “exemption”. .

The report added that “losing the immunity” means that Trump will face the same punishment of deletion and account closure if he violates the relevant regulations of the platform.

According to the author’s review, the basis for Twitter’s so-called “special treatment” comes from the statement issued by the platform in June 2019 for the “public interest”.

According to this document, Trump’s current “special treatment” mainly stems from the article “ensure government officials and other public figures release public information.” Twitter said that in order to ensure that the public can see this type of information, they generally do not delete such content directly. Instead, they choose to initially hide the tweet after marking it, but allow users to know the potential risks. Click the “Browse button” to read the original text of the tweet.

As the most controversial user on Twitter, some of Trump’s suspected violations of regulations are currently displayed in this way. However, the report stated that Trump has repeatedly issued documents in violation of regulations in a short period of time during his tenure. According to regulations, ordinary accounts made the same mistakes, which will lead to accounts being frozen or even sealed.

Source: Twitter information publishing platform

Regarding this approach, some Trump supporters believe that Twitter did not point out the specific details of the violation when it marked Trump, which is suspected of “abusing the power of interpretation.” Those who dislike Trump believe that Twitter should delete many of Trump’s “violence” that goes beyond the bottom line, rather than allowing any space for such content to spread.

Bloomberg also mentioned in the report: “The content of Trump’s release has repeatedly pushed the boundaries of the Twitter platform’s statement to the outside.” In the comment area of ​​this report, Gao Zin’s comments all said that “Trump enjoys special I feel extremely dissatisfied with the matter of treatment.

Some U.S. netizens uncovered the Twitter account of the online monitoring platform for U.S. election-related information. The agency posted a tweet on the same day that the U.S. election count began on November 3, saying that it would “declare victory without evidence.” More stringent control over false news.

U.S. netizens who pulled out this tweet used this as a basis, believing that Twitter should directly suspend Trump’s account. However, some netizens pointed out that it was not Trump who first stated that he would win the election, but his rival Biden. Relatively neutral netizens also said that even if they don’t like Trump, they are willing to give him room to speak.